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Immigration Law

Immigration and Naturalization Service (“INS”)

The INS website is a good starting point for the immigration researcher, providing forms, decision, reports, regulations, statistics, and manuals. The latest news and developments from the agency can be accessed from the “Hot Topics” column. Under the “Laws, Regulations and Guides” section, a copy of the Immigration and Nationality Act, and public laws that have amended the act, can be located. Immigration-related C.F.R. sections are available and include historical notes and hyperlinks to other sections within the document and also to the Federal Register. A nice tool provided is the “INS Federal Register Publications” link where INS regulatory activity is organized year by year.

JURIST Immigration Law Subject Guide

JURIST’s Immigration Law subject guide is edited by a former Law School faculty member, Gabriel Chin -- presently at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. From the JURIST homepage, click on “Law Guides” and select “Immigration Law.” There are many helpful links to current awareness material, books, course pages, legislation, cases, and associations. Immigration-related law reviews on the Internet are listed, along with a selection of the “Best of the Web,” and e-mail lists on immigration.

U.S. Bureau of the Census
To locate statistical resources on immigration to the United States, the Census Bureau website is an excellent resource. The Census Bureau’s “Foreign-Born Population” page outlines the three sources of data gathered by the agency. The data sources are: (1) “Current Population Survey for Foreign Born Population, which includes data on the characteristics of natives and the foreign-born population; (2) Estimates and Projections of Population Movement; and (3) Information from the 1980 and 1990 Census.

Legal Information Institute – Immigration Law

The Legal Information Institute in conjunction with Cornell Law School provides an overview of the topic of immigration law. An array of primary materials is included: relevant constitutional provisions, federal statutes and regulations, judicial decisions, human rights treaties, and links to key Internet resources on the subject of immigration

The National Immigration Law Forum

The Forum’s mission is to build support for public policies that welcome immigrants to the United States. A “Current Immigration Issues” section provides articles discussing current awareness topics; “Immigration Facts” supplies documents that describe immigration issues, such as social services, benefits, impact on the economy, and language difficulties;and “Publications and Resources” list web links to organizations that work with immigrants.

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