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Landlord-Tenant Law

RHOL Landlord Tenant Law Links

This resource from Rental Housing Online (RHOL) provides landlord-tenant law information for each state in the United States, as well as various locations in Canada and throughout the rest of the world. While some links are restricted to RHOL paid members, this free site offers general landlord-tenant law information and links to location specific law. Each state has a separate page, linked from this main page, which provides a summary of landlord and tenant law, which addresses common questions with timelines for action and statute citations. These state pages also provide requirements regarding lead paint exposure and containment, links to state laws, and contact information for appropriate state agencies.

Homes and Communities: Information for …Tenants

While most of the website from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) focuses on homeownership, this portion of the HUD site provides information regarding tenants’ rights and responsibilities, tenant services and opportunities, consumer information, and local information. It also provides links to local laws and additional resources for all states, emphasizing federal housing assistance. A Spanish-language version of the page is offered.

The Attorney General's Guide to Tenants' Rights

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s office provides this state-specific landlord-tenant law information page. It includes sections about looking for an apartment, various types of tenancy, leases and rental agreements, how money should be handled, landlord responsibilities in terms of water, heat and sanitary upkeep, the process of eviction, and how to deal with suspected housing discrimination. Contact information for the Office of the Attorney General Consumer Helplines is available.

A Massachusetts Consumer Guide: Tenants’ Rights And Responsibilities

Posted on the official Commonwealth Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation website, and prepared by the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, this guide provides summaries of applicable Massachusetts laws, including citations and links, regarding finding an apartment, types of tenancy, paying the rent, tenants’ rights and available remedies, eviction, and moving out. It also includes links and phone numbers for further assistance in different areas of tenant needs.

LII: Law About… Landlord and Tenant

Cornell’s Legal Information Institute provides a brief overview of the scope and foundations of landlord-tenant law. Available links are arranged into federal resources, state resources, international resources and other key resources; they include statutes, regulations, decisions, and secondary materials.

FindLaw: Real Estate: Landlords and Tenants

FindLaw provides access to articles, frequently asked questions, forms, and links in the following rental subject areas: leases and rental agreements, housing discrimination, rent and security deposits, repairs and privacy issues, landlord liability, roommates, evictions, and statutes. Many of the frequently asked questions come from the American Bar Association. Aside from the statutes, none of this information is state-specific. The links include FindLaw resources for both landlords and tenants, including summaries of law and message boards for FindLaw users. Note: Users may be asked to provide their location before this page can be accessed. This will not change the content of the page or its availability.

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