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WashLaw, maintained by Washburn Law School, has virtually everything a legal researcher could want: court cases, statutes, and general reference material such as zip codes and email directories. WashLaw provides links to all known law-related materials on the Internet, covering state law, federal law, and foreign and international law. The site also has links to resources in legal subject areas. Additionally, WashLaw lists a large number of law-related listserv discussion groups.

Cornell Legal Information Institute

The Legal Information Institute links to a wide variety of information on government, including the full U.S. Code, bills, reports, state Constitutions, statutes and codes, etc. Included at this site are Supreme Court decisions from 1990 to the present, available on the day of the decision, and a growing collection of historic Supreme Court decisions. Other offerings are the full-text of all official judgments, advisory opinions, and orders from the International Court of Justice since 1996. This site has many links to other relevant legal material on the web.


FindLaw is a comprehensive website which makes legal journals, news and case law accessible. The site is searchable and its LawCrawler search engine can also search law-related web sites. FindLaw also provides the most complete free database of U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the Web, dating back to 1893. Links on the front page are arranged by the type of user they might appeal to, including a section for law students.

University Law Review Project

This cooperative site, set up by members of the legal education community including FindLaw and Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, provides a search engine that allows users to conduct full-text searches of all law review articles on the Web. Users may also subscribe to receive email updates of new law review and law journal article abstracts. Updates are available in a variety of topical areas.

Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research http://gsulaw.gsu.edu/metaindex/

This webpage is an index of many of the searchable sites indexes of primary U.S. legal resources on the Internet. The Meta-Index gathers search utilities from a variety of web sites, allowing the user to search the full text of a wide group of online legal resources residing at those sites. The Meta-Index is an excellent source for legal researchers who wish to find one place on the Web from which to begin a search for online primary authority.

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