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Privacy Law

LII: Law About...The Right to Privacy

This page provides a broad overview of privacy issues in American law, including the sources of an inferred right to privacy under federal law. Links to other aspects of the right to privacy, recent privacy decisions in federal and select state courts, and information about print sources expanding on privacy issues are also provided. Pages covering Access to Personal Information and Personal Autonomy also link to more specific information for those areas, as well as other topical web pages.

Federal Trade Commission Privacy Initiatives

The Federal Trade Commission has established several Privacy Initiatives to combat the ease with which sensitive information can be shared illicitly, as an arm of their consumer protection mission. This web site deals specifically with the enforcement of privacy promises, financial privacy, credit reporting, and children’s privacy. Statements from the Federal Trade Commissioners, statutes, and legal analysis is available, as well as links to related topics such as the National Do Not Call Registry, protection from unwanted commercial email, and identity theft.

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

EPIC, a public interest research center focusing on civil liberties issues and protecting privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values, uses this web page to educate the public on its issues of interest. Full-text documents including newsletters, reports, and monographs on “civil liberties in the information age” are available. Additional information includes federal bill tracking information on privacy, speech, and “cyber-liberties” legislation; links to privacy tools such as anonymous browsers and re-mailers, firewalls, and encryption software; and analysis of policy issues such as free speech, open government, aspects of privacy, and voting.

Privacy Exchange

International in scope, the Center for Social and Legal Research’s Privacy Exchange is an “online global resource for consumer privacy and data protection.” It makes available privacy laws, regulations, guidelines, and court decisions produced by various countries and international organizations; examples of privacy policies used by businesses and organizations in many industries; analysis of international privacy issues; and resources for further study.

Surveillance Laws

Maintained by the Granite Island Group, a private Technical Surveillance Counter Measures firm, this page provides the full text of several documents pertaining to the use of electronic surveillance in the United States Code. Included are several sections of the United States Code, from Titles 18 (Crimes and Criminal Procedure) and Title 50 (War and National Defense), as well as an Executive Order governing “United States Intelligence Activities.”

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