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Voting & Elections

The Government Documents Round Table (GODORT)

The Government Documents Round Table Federal Documents Task Force has completed a list of useful voting and election information. The site offers links and updated election 2000 information covering candidates' home pages to the newest policy sites. There are links to a variety of organizations such as the Democracy Network: A Project of the League of Women Voters Education Fund and the Center for Government Studies and the Common Cause. Of special interest is an Election Statistics link to the Clerk of the House which includes official vote counts for 1920 to date for federal elections from the official sources of the states and territories.

Campaign Finance Information Center (CFIC)

This site provides an excellent resource for obtaining information on campaign finance and for tracking campaign finance stories. Access a map of the U.S. to see campaign finance data available from each state. A search engine allows users to track the political cash flow across several states in federal and state elections. The information provided includes who is contributing to which candidate as well as how each candidate spends the donations. In some cases, it includes money flow to and from political action committees (PACs), candidate committees and party committees.

Democratic National Committee (DNC)

The official web site for the Democratic Party provides a "Newsroom" link to candidate news, press releases, newsletters and special bulletins. The "DNC Action Center" provides access to state Democratic Party web sites, Democratic elected officials, campaigns, and previous election results. The "Voter Outreach" link lists ethnic and social groups targeted for inclusion in the Democratic community to increase political participation among all segments of the Democratic community. The "Party Headquarters" link provides information regarding the DNC leadership, history, and resources.

Republican National Committee (RNC)

The official site for the Republican Party includes the "Newsroom" which covers the latest news and press releases, talking points, and commentary on Democratic candidates. The "GOP Interactive" link provides access to the different forms of GOP media: television; radio; video, photo; and audio libraries. "Key Issues" include reports and position papers on social security, education, taxes, the environment, and defense and national security; and the "GOP Directory" comprises a collection of databases, which allows the user to search for federal and state elected officials and GOP candidates.


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