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Intellectual Property in the 21st Century
Rights in Biotechnology/Human Genome/Genetic Engineering

Research Guides

Information Resources and Link Collections

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Research Guides

Bioethics Research Guide

Although partially focused on Canadian sources, many of the resources listed in this guide can be used to research U.S, foreign, and international law. Includes information about the research process, journal indexes, and a well developed list of web resources. Canadian, U.S., European, and international sources are listed separately under appropriate sections.

Biotechnology and the Law

Created by two librarians at the University of Washington Law School, this site was developed from a class handout. It includes a section on research strategies, Lexis sources and Westlaw databases for scientific/technical information and biotechnology. Selected web and print resources are also included in this research guide.

Research Guide for Biotechnology and the Law

A brief annotated guide to print and electronic resources. Includes free and subscription databases.


Information Resources and Link Collections

Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC)

Developed by an alliance of government and academic agricultural organizations, this site consists of a database of selected annotated websites on all aspects of agriculture, including agricultural biotechnology. Users may browse for entries or search by keyword. "Ask a Question" links to the websites of affiliated centers with pages specific to the topic. Entries include descriptions of the websites, subject descriptors, and keywords. The subject browsing feature lists broader, narrower, and related topics. Sites retrieved by searches on November 1, 2001: biotechnology (13) and patent (44). This site replaces "Biotechnology: An Information Resource" (http://www.nal.usda.gov/bic/) as of January 2002.

Bioinformatics Law Resources

Created by attorney Dennis Kennedy, this site of "Starting Points for Finding Bioinformatics Law Resources on the Internet" contains legal news, links to sites dealing with bioinformatics legal issues, and links to general bioinformatics sites. Although not annotated, the lists of links are comprehensive.


Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture

A page by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, this page consists of two sets of links. Part A, links to specific websites, contains links for different sectors of food and agricultural biotechnology as well as organizations and patent databases. Part B is a selected list of carefully annotated websites with deep links to pages within those websites.

Biotechnology Industry Association (BIO): Intellectual Property

BIO is the trade association representing over 500 companies engaged in biotechnology research and development. This page within the BIO website offers background information on biotechnology and IP, provides links to discussions on BIO's legislative efforts, and other documents.

Biotechnology, Intellectual Property Rights & Regulation

This site contains briefly annotated links for "activists, legal professionals, and policy makers", such as links to NGO's, IGO'S, government agencies, and relevant legal documents.

Council for Biotechnology Information

An industry driven site, this website contains news and information on biotechnology in North America. The "free publications" section has downloadable papers (PDF format) as well as papers that may be ordered online. Links to biotechnology organizations are categorized by country/region and by topic. "Essential information" links to documents by U.S. government agencies as well as research reports on biotechnology.

Current Issues In Biotechnology, Bioethics And Intellectual Property Law http://www.intelliwareint.com/CURRENT%20ISSUES.htm

This page has ten papers on the topics of biotechnology, bioethics and IP law. Papers are presented with a brief summary of the issues and a discussion linking to primary materials supporting the discussion.

Genetic Engineering & Intellectual Property Rights Resource Center

Provided by Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, this resource center contains an events listing of activities around the world, a topical library of biotechnology articles (PDF, word processing, HTML formats), listing of organizations, and daily news on genetic engineering. The organizations section has maps to help users find local organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Each organization has an extensive annotation and listing of activities, as well as contact information including URLs and email addresses. The site is searchable and allows users to submit resources for inclusion.


Genome Symposia from Risk: Health Safety and Environment

This site contains all articles from the symposia "Maximizing the Return from Genome Research" and "Promoting and Managing Genome Innovation". Articles are full-text HTML format, but tables, figures, or mathematical expressions are not included.

Harvard University Center for International Development: Science, Technology & Innovation Program

The biotechnology section of this website includes "Resources" divided into news, publications, and links. The publications section has articles from the International Journal of Biotechnology, discussion and policy papers written by program members, and background papers categorized by biotechnology topics. Papers are available full text in HTML and PDF formats. The links section is also categorized by biotechnology topics. Both links and background papers include the topic "Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Rights".

Human Genome Project Information

The Human Genome Project Information website contains education, research, ethics, medicine, and media information about the project. Once the user enters the site, navigation can be accomplished from tabs across the top of the page or detailed sections down the left side of the page. The site provides news, basic information about the human genome, and information about the project. The site is searchable and provides alphabetical and subject indexes. The section on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) contain discussions about gene therapy, genetic testing, privacy, patenting, and other issues relating to the Human Genome Project. Each section contains an article discussing the issue and links to articles and related sites. The ELSI Research page discusses government funded research and provides links to research products.

Information Systems for Biotechnology

A resource for agricultural biotechnology. This page includes news, databases of tests, publications, meetings, and a links page. The links page "Annotated Database of WWW Sites Pertaining to Agricultural/Environmental Biotechnology" contains site annotations below a drop down menu of links to annotated sites. Includes sites that generally cover biotechnology.


Intellectual Property, Bioethics And Biotechnology Organizations, U. S. Agencies And Bioethics Journals

A simple but comprehensive listing of resources on the web.

Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge, and Folklore

The website of the WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore, contains links to links to biotechnology documents, events, resources and related WIPO programs. The working documents of the committee are available in HTML and PDF formats.

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

A website by the National Library of Medicine, NCBI provides comprehensive scientific and medical resources on the human genome. This site also provides links to the research and literature databases of the National Library of Medicine, including free online biomedical books and articles, as well as free Medline content via PubMed.

National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature

This Georgetown University resource contains detailed bibliographies on bioethics resources, primarily print publications and research databases. A separate guide concentrates on bioethics resources on the web. The links/Internet resources section contains links to bioethics organizations around the world and other information resources on bioethics.

Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development

This site has articles, projects and publications in various areas including biotechnology. Articles on biotechnology/genetic engineering are in HTML or PDF formats. The foundation's publication on biotechnology are not available on the website. Under the "a-z" section of the site, a page on biotechnology and genetic engineering resources provides annotated links.

WTO Watch-Related Sites: Biotechnology

An annotated list of over 60 corporate, government, non-profit, research, and educational websites on biotechnology.


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