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How to manage your subscription lists

Subscription lists are a very valuable communication tool for information professionals. "Listserv", as subscription lists are commonly known, is the name of one type of software used for running these lists. This guide provides some basic information on how to manage your lists.


  • The LLNE discussion list is run by Lyris software. To manage your subscription via the web: go to http://share.aallnet.org/read/

    Select "My Account" tab.
    Enter email address and password.
    Click on "Membership Type" drop-down menu to see options. Select the change that you want; click "save."
    Don't forget to click "logout".

  • Having problems?
    • Your listserv owners, Nancy Johnson and Pat Newcombe (llne2list@yahoo.com) will be happy to provide assistance.




Other Subscription Lists

1. Use Lyonette Louis-Jacques' Law-Lists at http://www.lib.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/law-lists to find law related lists.

  • Search by listname or keyword: e.g. lawlibref, taxation
  • Search a phrase (use .* between words in the name): e.g. law.*librarians.*of.*new.*england

2. Use the subscription address to send commands to the list, NOT the listserv address. For example, law-lib

  • subscription address: listproc@ucdavis.edu << Send commands to this address
  • listserv address: lawlib@ucdavis.edu << Post messages at this address

3. Leave the subject line BLANK. If possible, eliminate your signature from the message as it will result in an error.


Basic commands by subscription list software

I have listed here only the most basic commands for the three most commonly used subscription list software programs. For a detailed list of subscription list commands as well as other information about subscription lists, see Jim Milles' handy page on Discussion Lists: Mailing List Manager Commands at http://learn.ouhk.edu.hk/~u123/unit2/mirror2/mailser.html

  • listname = official name of the list, usually the same as the beginning of the listserv address (e.g. llne, law-lib)
  • Subscribe = get added to the list (usually automatic, although sometimes requires administrative approval)
  • Unsubscribe = get removed from the list
  • Digest = receive all messages once daily as one message, usually with a table of contents
  • Suspend mail = temporarily stop mail receipt
  • Subscriber list = receive a list of all non-concealed subscribers
  • Acknowledge posts = receive a message notifying you that your message to the listserv has been received.
Subscribe subscribe listname firstname lastname subscribe listname firstname lastname

subscribe listname youremailaddress

Unsubscribe unsubscribe listname firstname lastname unsubscribe listname firstname lastname unsubscribe listname


set listname digest set listname mail digest subscribe listname-digest
Cancel digest set listname nodigest set listname mail unsubscribe listname-digest
Suspend mail set listname nomail set listname mail postpone Not available. Must unsubscribe to stop mail.
Resume mail set listname mail set listname mail
Subscriber list review listname recipients listname who listname
Receive a copy of your posts set listname repro set listname mail ack Copies sent automatically
Acknowledge posts set listname ack Not available Not available


Detailed software information

For more information on how subscription list software works, see the following sites:

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