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AALL Professional Development Committee


§         AALL Core Competencies, No. 6 Teaching


§         Writing Learning Outcomes

      http://www.aallnet.org/prodev/outcomes (to be used as guidelines for 

       AALL proposals, but could be applied in other contexts)

§         ListServ Discussion http://www.aallnet.org/prodev/listserv.asp

February 7 - 18, 2000 "Coordinating Legal Research Training" : Moderated by  

      Nancy McMurrer, University of Washington & Rachel Jones, Dickstein, Shapiro, 

      Morin & Oshinsky

      November 9-23, 1998 "End-User Electronic Competencies" : moderated by  

      Bobbie Studwell, Associate Dean of Library and Information Service, Thomas M.

      Cooley Law School Library

AALL  Research Instruction/Patron Services (RIPS)  SIS


ARL/OLMS Training Skills Support Site (provides resources for developing training programs)


Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) for Law Librarians, http://www.cali.org/librarians.html (licensed resource)

Law Librarians Society of DC (chapter of AALL), Legal Research Training Focus Group, Web Tutorial Links (great articles and links for doing online tutorials) http://www.llsdc.org/lrfocus/tutorials.htm

Lexis-Nexis Summer Associates Toolkit http://www.lexisnexis.com/infopro/events/SummerAssociates/2001/sa2001.shtml

LLRX, http://www.llrx.com

(often has good articles and sources on teaching/training)


NELLCO Resource Sharing Database http://www.nellco.org/LegalResources.cfm       

Richert (University of Akron School of Law Library), An Internet Hotlist of Law Guides Organized by Subject http://www3.uakron.edu/law/richert/index1.html

Virtual Chase: Legal Research on the Internet-Internet Trainers’ Stop and Swap http://www.virtualchase.com/

Westlaw http://lawschool.westlaw.com

Faculty http://lawschool.westlaw.com/faculty/mainpage.asp?mainpage=3

Law Librarians http://lawschool.westlaw.com/faculty/lawlib.asp


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