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MAALL 2012 Conference

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MAALL 2012 Program

Hello everyone! It's been a hot, dry summer in the Midwest, so I was glad to have the summer Olympic Games to follow and watch while cooped up inside to stay cool. My wife was a high school gymnast, so with a mixture of jealousy and awe, she watched the US women's gymnastics team tumbling and flipping and flying not only on the mat, but on the balance beam and the vault and the uneven bars. "We were doing cartwheels on the beam back in the day, and now they're doing flips with twists!" Obviously they are taking lessons learned on the floor mat and putting them into beam routines. It takes cross-training to take a trick/flip/jump from the wide and long mat to the short and narrow beam.

The MAALL Education Committee invites you to St. Louis to explore cross-training, law librarian style! We hope you take some new tricks or flips or jumps back home with you as our speakers/facilitators give you some Olympian-style coaching. Our program line-up is full of opportunities for you to learn new lessons from our speakers and from each other. Several of our programs focus on communication. Jennifer2 (Prilliman and Watson) and Katie Brown are presenting an interactive program on communication techniques that will literally get you talking. Peggy McDermott, Yael Davis and Ingah Davis-Crawford will dazzle you with presentation possibilities from "The Cloud," while the effervescent Bridget MacMillan will help us shy and demure law librarians embrace our inner "brag" as only she can do! We have a lively program on why reference and other librarians should know something about cataloging, with Brian Striman as Master of Ceremonies; how to stay focused to accomplish our work, with Resa Kerns; Boot Camp for Law Librarians: Basic Training on training focusing on the various types of learners and strategies for modifying our teaching/training methods, with Joe Totherow from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; and Playtime in the Library games and contests to add a little interest to learning and increase your marketing potential, with Katie Hahn and Cindy Shearrer; and lots more! The more I read the program descriptions, the more I want to attend!

In addition to an interactive and innovative program, the Local Arrangements Committee has created some excellent and varied activities for your non-program time. (please see Joe Custer's welcome message) London 2012 has nothing on St. Louis! The London Eye, you say? St. Louis puts their Ferris Wheel above the skyline!

We'll see you there as we Cross-Train at the Crossroads Meet MAALL in St. Louis!

Ted Potter
On behalf of the MAALL Education Committee
Kerry Altenbernd, Katie Hahn, Matt Novak, Melissa Serfass & Cindy Shearrer