MAALL Archives

The Mid-America Association of Law Libraries originated in 1973 to promote law librarianship as well as develop and increase the usefulness of law libraries. The MAALL Archives are intended to be a depository of significant information about the organization and its members.

Location of MAALL Archives

The University of Illinois ( ) is the repository for the American Association of Law Libraries archives. As a part of that agreement, the MAALL archives are also housed at the University of Illinois.

Mailing Address:

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University Library
University Archives
19 Main Library
1408 West Gregory
Urbana, Illinois 61801

A letter briefly identifying the material and describing the activity to which it relates and a detailed inventory of the materials should accompany the shipment.

MAALL Secretary and Archives Liaison

The MAALL secretary is responsible for collecting materials for archives. The Archives Liaison will work with the secretary to organize and send materials to the University of Illinois. When the secretary steps down, that person will assume the Archives Liaison position. The Archives Liaison is not an officer or a member of the Executive Board.

Materials Retained and Transfer Guidelines

The following items will be retained in the MAALL archives:

  1. Business Meeting Minutes: Collected twice a year from the AALL Annual Meeting (summer) and the MAALL Annual Meeting (fall).
  2. Executive Board Meeting Minutes: Collected twice a year from the AALL Annual Meeting (summer) and the MAALL Annual Meeting (fall).
  3. Treasurer Reports: Collected twice a year from the AALL Annual Meeting (summer) and the MAALL Annual Meeting (fall).
  4. MAALL Annual Meeting Program.
  5. MAALL Newsletter: This item is archived electronically.

Other materials relating important developments and efforts within MAALL can be submitted to Archives at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Secretary's Duties

The Secretary is responsible for collecting the items noted above and working with the Archives Liaison to prepare an annual mailing to MAALL Archives. The outgoing Secretary will advise the new Secretary of his/her archival duties.

Archives Liaison Duties

The Archive Liaison is responsible for contacting the Secretary at the annual fall MAALL meeting or soon afterwards to provide the Secretary assistance with his/her archival duties and to submit material to Archives in a timely way.


The MAALL Archives will adhere to the guidelines provided in the AALL archives policy available at

These policies outline specific items to be transferred, records which should not be transferred, how the materials should be sent, consultation, copying and publication guidelines.

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