MAALL Committee Membership
For  2013-2014

Bylaws Committee 
(Board Liaison, Ted Potter)

Charge: Propose and submit changes, additions, and deletions to MAALL bylaws.

Chair: Randy Thompson

Timothy Gatton
George Butterfield
Marsha Stacey

Education Committee 
(Board Liaison, Jeri Kay Hopkins)

Charge: Prepare the 2013 program and recommend other educational possibilities for MAALL.

Chair: Cindy Bassett

Susan Boland
Marcia Dority Baker
Corie Dugas
Rebecca Lutkenhaus
Deborah Rusin
Scott Vanderlin

Government Relations Committee 
(Board Liaison, Rebecca Lutkenhaus)

Charge: Monitor proposed legislation affecting law libraries and make recommendations for appropriate action concerning the desirability of such legislation. Ideally the committee will have one member from each state that is part of MAALL.

Co-Chairs: Erik Brust

Catherine Chick (AR)
Julie Thomas (IA)
Neil Pereira (IL)
Joyce McCray-Pearson (KS)
Kaaren Pupino (ND)
Jennifer Prilliman (OK)

Grants Committee
(Board Liaison, Lynn Hartke)

Charge: Establish criteria for award of grants, publicize availability, and select recipients.

Chair: Needra Jackson

Cathy Chick
Mary Kay Jung
Brian Striman

Library School Liaison
(Board Liaison, Rebecca Lutkenhaus)

Charge: Encourage the involvement of library school students in MAALL and in law librarianship in general.

Chair: Marcia Dority Baker


Erika Cohn
Michelle Hook Dewey
Kate Miller
Allison C. Reeve
Marie Robb

Local Arrangements Committee Local Arrangements Manual
(Board Liaison, Cindy Bassett)

Charge: Coordinate local arrangements for the annual meeting.

Chair: June Liebert and Keith Ann Stiverson

Ramsey Donnell
Scott Vanderlin

Membership Committee
(Board Liaison, Cindy Shearrer)

Charge: Encourage law librarians, law library staff, and library school students in our region to join MAALL, coordinates with Treasurer and Internet Committee chair to ensure MAALL directory listing on the website and the MAALL discussion list names is accurate, contact members who fail to renew, coordinate the Mentoring Program, and revise the MAALL brochure.

Chair: Karen Wallace

Crata Castleberry

Newsletter Committee
(Board Liaison, Jenny Watson)

Charge: Publish the quarterly newsletter, MAALL Markings, on the Web and explore ways of expanding its content.

Chair & Editor: Brian Striman
Articles Editor: Neil Pereira
Photography Editor: Jennifer Prilliman
Member News Editor: Deborah Sulzbach
News from other Chapters Editor: Troy Johnson and Rebecca Lutkenhaus

State Member News Liaisons:
Melissa Serfass (AR)
Julie Thomas (IA)
Neil Pereira (IL)
Pam Crawford (KS)
Mary Stultz (NE)
Marsha Stacey (SD)

Nominations Committee Nominations Procedures
(Board Liaison, Jeri Kay Hopkins)

Charge: Select a slate of candidates for elected offices.

Chair: Ted Potter

Darla Jackson
Troy Johnson

Public Relations Committee
(Board Liaison, Jenny Watson)

Charge: Submit announcements for inclusion in AALL Spectrum and prepare MAALL table for AALL exhibit hall.

Chair: Jennifer Prilliman

Michelle Hook Dewey
Allison Reeve
Natalie Vaughn

Service to the Public Committee
(Board Liaison, Cindy Shearrer)

Charge: Explore and develop means for MAALL libraries to support the needs of pro se patrons and the general public.

Chair: Nolan Wright

Pam Crawford
Melissa Serfass
Marsha Stacey
Colleen Williams

Website Committee
(Board Liaison, Jenny Watson)

Charge: Evaluate and manage MAALL's web page and web presence.

Chair: Resa Kerns

Troy Johnson
Ted Potter

Special Committee to Study Firm and State, Court, and County Law Librarian Professional Development
(Board Liaison: Jeri Kay Hopkins)

Charge: Survey firm, state, court and county law librarian members to determine if they regularly attend MAALL/AALL annual meetings and, if not, what MAALL can do to increase attendance and/or provide alternative professional development opportunities. Report findings and committee proposals back to the Executive Board.

Chair: Michael Robak

Ann Fessenden
Susan Fowler
Jennifer Spector

Special Committee to update the Local Arrangements Manual
(Board Liaison – Ted Potter)

Charge: Update the outdated Local Arrangements Manual and provide a mechanism for regular updates.

Chair: Ann Fessenden

Special Committee to explore an Anti-harassment Policy
(Board Liaison – Lynn Hartke)

Charge: Explore a policy on Anti-harassment at MAALL activities.

Chair: Jenny Watson

Susan Boland

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