Chapter 11:  Publicity and Local Information


Publicity and Local Information:


 Produce web page with meeting information, send meeting announcements to MAALL membership and other library organizations, send press releases to local general or legal publications. Gather or prepare and distribute information about local attractions, restaurants, etc.





There should generally be few if any direct costs associated with publicity. Look for a law school or law firm to host the web page and cover any copying or mailing costs.



Web Page


An Internet web page is an excellent way to make information about your meeting and local attractions readily available to the membership and to anyone else who may be interested.


Information should be posted as soon as it becomes available and kept frequently updated. Publicize your web page by including the address in MAALL Markings and by sending messages to the MAALL listserv.


Information to have on the web page includes:


Registration forms

Program and event descriptions

Hotel and transportation information

Descriptions of local restaurants and attractions


Note that the registration forms should be printable; PDF format works well for this. Actual online registration would be possible only if MAALL arranged to handle online credit card paymentsBnot likely to be feasible for a once-a-year event. (See also Registration chapter.)


Much of the local information may be handled by linking to existing sites.



Local Information


For AALL annual meeting


Gather an assortment of brochures for distribution at the MAALL luncheon meeting held during the AALL annual meeting in July.


It=s also nice at AALL to have some sort of stickers or pins representing your city that can be distributed and put on members= name tags.

A good source for materials is your city=s visitor=s center, convention bureau or similar organization. They may also be able to give you information about special services available for organizations holding conventions, special rates available to visitors, etc. You might even get a AWelcome MAALL@ sign on their marquee while MAALL is meeting in your city.


If MAALL has a booth in the AALL activities area, brochures and stickers should also be made available there. (Check with MAALL Publicity Chair or President to see if there will be a booth.)


Note: you can ship the brochures to the meeting site instead of having to carry them. Check AALL meeting information or your hotel for address and shipping deadlines.


For Registration packets


Maps and basic local information should be given to the Registration Committee to send out with the packets. Avoid going overboard on brochures at this point, however, as it will increase mailing costs. Instead, make local information readily available on your website and consider which materials could be distributed at the meeting.


For the meeting


Have an assortment of brochures, maps, restaurant menus, etc. available at the meeting. You might want to get sufficient copies of some basic materials to include in meeting packets. More specific information could be available for pick up. Work with Registration and Exhibits Committees to determine where to put these materials.


You may wish to develop your own descriptions of restaurants, shopping destinations, and attractions, tailored to the MAALL membership. This may be especially helpful in locations that don=t have a wide range of restaurants or publications about them. These could be put in registration packets or available for pickup, and posted on the web page.


If you write a restaurant guide, be sure to list price range of restaurants, or have a $ key to show restaurant cost ranges. Grouping restaurants and shopping available in the same area is very helpful to out-of-towners. Also, include notations about which ones are good choices for vegetarians. (See 2001 Restaurant & Shopping Guide.)


Another helpful resource is a flyer or brochure (possibly combined with restaurants, shopping and/or attractions flyer/brochure) listing phone numbers and addresses for services closest to the hotel: hospital, fire station, pharmacy/drugstore, photocopy shop, cleaners, local transportation (taxis, buses, subway, rental car), etc. A map marking their locations would be especially helpful.





Publicity for a MAALL meeting can take a variety of formal and informal shapes.

Send a press release to area organizations and publications, especially library or legal organizations, library schools, etc.


Contact your local governmental representative about the possibility of a welcoming resolution.


Be sure to send an announcement to the AALL Spectrum Chapter News columnist. (Check first for deadlines.)


Notify local organizations informally. Speak at meetings of your local SLA chapter, library school classes, or other library organizations. Send a meeting announcement to their listservs or email groups.


Either the Publicity Chair or the Local Arrangements Chair should publicize the meeting to the MAALL membership by writing articles for MAALL Markings, sending announcements to the MAALL listserv, and speaking at the MAALL luncheon at AALL.      





Publicity and Local Information Samples


           MAALL meeting website, 2001 St. Louis (Print out of first couple of pages included)  (PDF)

           Restaurant and shopping guide, 2001 St. Louis          (PDF) 

           Resolution from Board of Aldermen, 2001 St. Louis  (PDF)



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