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Table of Contents


Part I:  Overall Planning

Chapter 1:  Organization
    Sample: Thank you letters to Local Arrangements, 2001 St. Louis
        (WordPerfect)  (Word)

Chapter 2:  Budget
Budget spreadsheet, POST meeting actual expenditures and income, 2001 St. Louis    (PDF)
Budget spreadsheet, original estimate, March 22, 2001, St. Louis                       (PDF)
' reports, post-meeting:
    2001    St. Louis          (PDF)
    2000    Fayetteville      (PDF)
    1999    Kansas City     (PDF)
Missouri sales tax exemption certificate, 2001 St. Louis    (PDF)
Sample thank you letter to donor, 2001 St. Louis             (PDF)

Chapter 3:  Hotel
Hotel profile form (a general use chart produced by a travel agency - few notes added)    (PDF)
Hotel comparison chart, 2001 St. Louis    (WordPerfect)  (PDF)  (Word)
Hotel contracts:   
    2001 St. Louis         (PDF)
    1999 Kansas City    (PDF)
Hotel direct billing application, 2001 St. Louis    (PDF)
Hotel invoice, 2001 St. Louis                             (PDF)

Chapter 4:  Scheduling
No Samples

Part II:  Specific Functions

Chapter 5:  Equipment and Meeting Rooms
AV request form and checklist, 2001 St. Louis    (WordPerfect)  (PDF)  (Word)
Swank invoice, 2001 St. Louis    (PDF)

Chapter 6: Events
A Sampling of MAALL event venues    (WordPerfect)  (PDF)  (Word)
Thursday night flyer, 2001, front, St. Louis    (PDF)
Thursday night flyer, 2001, back, St. Louis    (PDF)
Friday night flyer, 2001, front, St. Louis         (PDF)
Friday night flyer, 2001, back, St. Louis        (PDF)

Chapter 7:  Exhibits
Vendor contact list, 2001 St. Louis               (WordPerfect)   (PDF)  (Word)
Initial vendor contact letter, 2001 St. Louis    (WordPerfect)   (PDF)  (Word)
Vendor registration form, 2001 St. Louis       (WordPerfect)   (PDF)  (Word)
Follow-up letter, 2001 St. Louis                    (WordPerfect)   (PDF)  (Word)
Thank-you letter, 2001 St. Louis                   (WordPerfect)   (PDF)  (Word)

Chapter 8:  Food
Catering contracts, 2001 St. Louis
    Thursday Reception                        (PDF)
    Friday Dinner                                 (PDF)
Hotel banquet billing, 2001 St. Louis   (PDF)

Chapter 9:  Hospitality/Internet Room
Hotel waiver form, 2001 St. Louis       (PDF)
Food and drink shopping lists
    2001 St. Louis                                (PDF)
    1999 Kansas City
Internet sign in page, 2001 St. Louis

Chapter 10:  Publications
Printer quote, 2001 St. Louis    (PDF)
Printed program, 2001 St. Louis
    (WordPerfect)  (PDF)  (Word)
   (See Events and Registration chapters for samples of other materials.)

Chapter 11:  Publicity and Local Information
MAALL meeting website, 2001 St. Louis
    (Print out of first couple of pages included)
Restaurant and shopping guide, 2001 St. Louis
Resolution from Board of Aldermen, 2001 St. Louis    (PDF) 

Chapter 12:  Registration

Registration report, 2001 St. Louis                     (PDF)
Registration packet, 2001 St. Louis
                Registration form, front
         (WordPerfect)  (Word)
                Registration form, back,       (WordPerfect)  (Word)
                Hotel registration form          (WordPerfect)  (Word)
                Program and events              (WordPerfect)  (Word)
                Dine-Around                        (WordPerfect)  (Word)
                Excursions                                          (PDF)
                Lunch selections/Southwest Airlines    (PDF)
St. Louis map                                     (PDF)

Chapter 13:  Transportation
Bus contract (coaches), 2001 St. Louis                (PDF)
Bus company information form, 2001 St. Louis
    (WordPerfect)  (Word)
Bus company comparison chart (includes special needs options), 2001 St. Louis    (WordPerfect)  (Word)


1  Mid-America Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting Manual, March 9, 1994  
                    (WordPerfect)  (Word)

2.  SEALL v SWALL (or, The Top Ten Attributes of a Successful Regional Conference)   


Revised April 1, 2004