MAALL Local Arrangements Manual

This Manual is based on the experiences of the St. Louis 2001 Local Arrangements Committee and on observations made at Mid-America Association of Law Libraries (MAALL) meetings for about 10 years.  This Manual was accepted and approved by the Executive Board of the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries, July 9, 2002.   The author wishes to thank the members of the St. Louis 2001 Local Arrangements Committee, especially the Steering Committee members.  Without their dedication and many hours of hard work, neither the Manual, nor the meeting, would have been possible! 

Ann Fessenden
U.S. Court of Appeals
St. Louis, Missouri
April, 2004

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents includes links to all sample materials in WordPerfect, MS Word, and PDF formats.

Part I:  Overall Planning

Chapter 1:  Organization
Chapter 2:  Budget
Chapter 3:  Hotel
Chapter 4:  Scheduling

Part II:  Specific Functions

Chapter 5:  Equipment and Meeting Rooms
Chapter 6: Events
Chapter 7:  Exhibits
Chapter 8:  Food
Chapter 9:  Hospitality/Internet Room
Chapter 10:  Publications
Chapter 11:  Publicity and Local Information
Chapter 12:  Registration
Chapter 13:  Transportation


1  Mid-America Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting Manual, March 9, 1994  
                    (WordPerfect)    (Word)
2.  SEALL v SWALL (or, The Top Ten Attributes of a Successful Regional Conference)