This Manual is based on the experiences of the St. Louis 2001 Local Arrangements Committee and on observations made at Mid-America Association of Law Libraries (MAALL) meetings for about the last 10 years.  There is no one right way to plan a MAALL meeting of course, but we hope that  future committees can benefit from our experiences.


Relationship to 1994 Manual


The organizers of the 1993 meeting in Little Rock prepared the Annual Meeting Manual, which provides an excellent overview of the meeting planning responsibilities of the Officers, the Local Arrangements Committee, and the Program Committee.  The 2002 Manual provides significantly  more detail on the Local Arrangements responsibilities, and therefore can probably be considered to largely replace the 1994 Manual for Local Arrangements matters, though the 1994 Manual may still be useful for its overview.  The 2002 Manual does not attempt to cover (other than by occasional reference), the duties of the Officers or the Program Chair.  Therefore, the 1994 Manual should still be used for information on those areas.




This Manual was accepted and approved by the Executive Board of the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries, July 9, 2002.




The original copy of this Manual (which includes all sample materials) is being sent to the 2002 Local Arrangements Chair in print format.  It should be forwarded each year to the next Local Arrangements Chair.  Copies are also being sent to the 2001-2002 President and the 2002 Program Chair.  These copies should also be forwarded to successors.  A current version should also be kept posted on the web page.                         




Future Local Arrangements Chairs should feel free to update the Manual as needed.  Please add  your name, location and year of your meeting,  and the date of revision, and please indicate the revision date on any revised pages.  Please see that updates are made to the President=s and Program Chair=s copies (print and electronic) and to the web page version.




The author wishes to thank the members of the St. Louis 2001 Local Arrangements Committee, especially the Steering Committee members.  Without their dedication and many hours of hard work, neither the Manual, nor the meeting, would have been possible!  They were willing to meet  with me even after the meeting was over to discuss lessons learned, and several contributed draft Manual sections, or critiqued my drafts.  They are listed below, with their institutions and primary areas of responsibility for MAALL 2001 St. Louis:


Peggy McDermott          St. Louis University                              Local Arrangements Co-Chair



Donna Barratt                Thompson Coburn                                 Exhibits


Dorie Bertram               Washington University                            Food


Elliott Blevins                 Sandberg, Phoenix, von Gontard              Publicity


Sally Crowley                Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale                 Treasurer

  Shopping and Restaurant Guide


Liz Glankler                   St. Louis University                                Hospitality/Internet Room



Lynn Hartke                   St. Louis University                               Equipment and Meeting Rooms


Mary Kay Jung             Thompson Coburn                                   Registration


Julie Muchin                  Bryan Cave                                            Law Firm Library Tours


Katrina Stierholz             Washington University                           Thursday Night Events

  Ping Pong Tournament


Joan Stevens                  U.S. Court of Appeals                            Transportation

  Printed Program

  Editing of Manual


Joanne Vogel                 St. Louis University                                Friday Night Events



Ann Fessenden

U.S. Court of Appeals

St. Louis, Missouri

May, 2002