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Fast Forward MAALL 2014 Chicago

2014 Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL
October 5 - October 7

Venue: Standard Club, 320 S. Plymouth Ct.


The 2014 Annual Meeting will be held on October 5-7 (Sunday –Tuesday) in Chicago, Illinois. The theme this year is Fast Forward and we are shaking up the Annual Meeting this year with some new programing ideas to go along with that theme.

Program Topics: Any topic of interest to law librarians! Stumped for an idea? Find sample topics here!

Format: Program sessions can be a variety of lengths (30 to 75 minutes) and formats. The Committee would like to encourage some kind of active learning in every program—audience participation, question and answer, small group discussion, etc.

New format this year!

Ignite sessions will have 4-6 speakers who present a short, timed slide presentation. Each session will have a central theme, such as marketing, legal research training, management, and technical services. This format is perfect for newer members who want to get their feet wet or members who have a short blast of an idea to shoot out there. Each session will need a moderator so let the committee know if you are interested in this role.

Consider the other following formats:

Speaker(s)—One or two people present on a topic or idea.
Panel Discussion—Three to five speakers each present briefly on a topic, may be moderated.
Roundtable—A discussion of a topic proposed by a moderator; intended to be small groups.
Salon—Similar to a roundtable, a moderator chooses a video/book/other media and discussion points, and all attendees participate in the conversation.

Submission: Please complete the proposal form by March 28th, 2014. If you have questions about the process of submitting a proposal, would like to get additional information, or would like suggestions for potential collaborators please contact a member of the Education Committee:

Cindy Bassett (Chair) (573) 884-9150
Marcia Dority Baker (402) 472-8307
Susan Boland (513) 556-4407
Corie Dugas (314) 977-3449
Rebecca Lutkenhaus (515) 271-2053
Scott Vanderlin (312) 906-5676
Deborah L. Rusin (312) 902-5675

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