Guidelines and Minimum Criteria for Grants & Scholarships

The purpose of the grant and scholarship programs is to fulfill the educational mission of the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries (MALL) and support the recruitment of law librarians and in turn, MALL members.

MALL presents grants each year for attendance at MALL programs, AALL programs, and other appropriate educational programs or conferences.  The topic of these programs, conferences or workshops must be job-related and “continuing education” in nature.   These grants are for fixed amounts only, e.g.,  registration fees, tuition, or housing.)

MALL presents one scholarship each year to a MALL member enrolled in a degree-granting program that is either library-related or law-related.  This scholarship is for tuition or other fixed expenses related to the educational process.  The scholarship will be awarded in the Spring for use by the applicant for the Fall semester. Additional scholarships may be created by the Association as funds become available. Donations specifically designated for scholarships will be used for that purpose.

Notice of scholarship and grant opportunities and application deadlines are posted on the "Awards, Grants, & Scholarships Committee” page of the MALL web site. Notice is also published in the MALL Newsletter.   Announcements are made at meetings and posted at appropriate locations.

An applicant for a grant or scholarship must be a current member of MALL, with the current year’s dues paid at the time of application. Additionally, a scholarship applicant must have a minimum of 12 months membership in MALL.  An applicant must have demonstrated participation in MALL activities such as program attendance, committee participation or holding office.

Each application will be considered on its own merits. The number of grants awarded to an individual is not limited. A maximum of two MALL scholarships may be awarded to an individual. Priority will be given to applicants who have not received a grant or scholarship in the past 12 months.  

Although the MALL scholarship is competitive, a sole applicant will not necessarily be awarded or denied a scholarship.

All grants and scholarships are to be used for the designated purpose for which they are awarded.

Incomplete applications or those received after the published deadlines will not be considered.  Applications submitted by fax or e-mail that are not received by 4:30 pm (CST), March 31 of the current year will not be considered.

Members of the Awards, Grants, & Scholarships Committee are not eligible for scholarships or grants.

Please see individual grant or scholarship descriptions and application forms for additional criteria.

This page provided by MALL Awards, Grants & Scholarship Committee.

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