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The Minnesota Association of Law Libraries was established for educational and informational purposes. It is conducted as a nonprofit association to promote librarianship, to develop and increase the usefulness of law libraries, to cultivate the science of law librarianship and to foster a spirit of cooperation among the members of the profession.


MALL is one of the regional chapters of the American Association of Law Libraries. MALL elects officers, issues a newsletter and meeting announcements, holds meetings during the year and initiates special projects, such as workshops and surveys.

Officers consist of a President, Vice-President/President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer. The President and the Vice-President/President-Elect hold office for one year; the Secretary-Treasurer for two years. To qualify for a position as an officer, one only needs to be a member of MALL. There are a number of standing committees which help to carry out the objectives of the Association.


Any person interested in law libraries may become a member of MALL. Annual dues are $20.00 payable on July 1 of each year. Click for more information about membership.


Through its activities and services, the Association encourages its members to expand their professional capabilities, performance and awareness.

Publications - MALL issues a newsletter four times per year which may have the following sections:
    President's column
    MALL member news
    AALL news
    CLEs and conferences
    Meeting notices
    Committee reports and profiles
    Articles by the membership
Members are encouraged to contribute editorials, items of interest, tips, etc., to the newsletter.

Placement - Helps employers find suitable library and information personnel and assists members in locating new positions.

Meetings - The annual business meeting is held in the spring. Other meetings will be held as the Association may direct. There are usually four to six meetings per year which consist of a business portion, speaker and/or panel, film, discussion, etc., and are usually preceded by dinner.


Downtowners - This is a small, informal organization which was established in 1974 to help meet the practical needs of law librarians. While the group's primary purpose is to provide a forum for the continuing exchange of ideas, tips and practical information, it also serves as an informal network for advice and interlibrary loan. There are no officers and monthly meetings are hosted and conducted by volunteer libraries. Discussion topics are jointly decided by the members, while specific agendas for each meeting are the responsibility of the hosting librarian.

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