Website Development
The MALL website was originally developed by the Internet Applications Committee, chaired by Nina Platt, in 1995-96. Original HTML coding was done by Nina Platt and Roger Skalbeck. Templates were provided to committee liasons, who then helped collect content for inclusion. Many MALL members contributed.

The current website, featuring the new MALL logo, was developed by the MALL 2000-2001 Internet Applications Committee, chaired by Janet Sheets. Actual construction and rollout has been accomplished during Fall, 2001, by the committee chaired by Aimée Blatz.
Site Development Timeline
Date Development Credits
Feb. 1997 Rollout of Website R.Skalbeck, Webmaster
Sept.1997 S.Hayles serves as Webmaster N.Platt, Chair, IA Committee
June 15, 1998 Internet Reference Guide for Minnesota Attorneys A.Cherry, Publications Committee
Summer, 1998 Background color /design modified.
Nov.1999 MALL Newletter in electronic format. J.Sheets, production, IA Chair
K.Kelly/M.Tracy co-chairs
Dec. 1999 Placement positions posted. Jan Leichter, Placement Chair
Feb. 2000 Union List of Looseleaf Services B.Wolfe, C.Lund, A.Cherry - Publications Committee
June 24, 2000 Redesigned website rollout. Interim design elements, pending new logo. J.Sheets, A.Blatz, J.Leichter, S.Hayles - Internet Applications Committee
November 20, 2000 MALL History contributed by Anita Anderson A.Anderson, D.Skrade.
Feb. - May, 2001 MALL acquired new logo, designed by Nancy Wirsig McClure of hand2mouse. Thanks to Internet Applications Committee Chair, and Exec Board member Janet Sheets, who coordinated this effort.
March - July, 2001 AALL 2001 Local Advisory designed by Anita Anderson & Susan HaylesAALL 2001 Local Advisory Publicity Committee
October, 2001 New website design featuring MALL LogoInternet Applications Committee, Aimée Blatz, Chair. Special thanks to Barb Minor and Janet Sheets for their contributions to design layout and conversion of pages.
January, 2002 MALL Membership Directory available in private password-protected section of site.Thanks to Barbara Golden for making this resource available in electronic format.

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The MALL web site would not be possible without the help and support of AALL,which has generously provided server space. Thanks to Mark Folmsbee, Gary Vinson, and Jason Hinkle of Washburn University for the technical support they provided in assisting with the initial launch.

This page provided and maintained by MALL Internet Applications Committee / Webmaster.

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