Grant Descriptions and Criteria

 The Minnesota Association of Law Libraries (MALL) provides grants to its members for educational purposes.  Grants are intended for use by members to attend programs which they otherwise may not be able to attend.  The grant is intended for use for fixed fees or expenses which can be documented such as registration fees. Grants are not limited to a specific amount, time periods, number or frequency.  All grant applications will be considered by the Committee.

Please note that applicants for grants must meet the minimum criteria listed in Guidelines and Minimum Criteria for Grants & Scholarships.

MALL Grants:  MALL makes a number of grants during the year to pay for registration costs for attendance at MALL programs, job-related continuing education programs, workshops, or conferences including the AALL Annual Meeting. Since these programs are spread throughout the calendar year, members are encouraged to apply whenever they see a program or meeting they may like to attend.  Grants are not competitive. The Committee will fund as many Grants as possible with available funds.

Special Grants:  From time to time, vendors, businesses, associations, law firms, individuals,  etc. may donate funds for grants, scholarships or other educational purposes. MALL receives a grant every three years from the American Association of Law Libraries for a FULL registration to attend the Annual Meeting. Information regarding these special grants will be made known to the membership via the MALL Newsletter, the MALL web site, the Committee web page, or other announcements.

All grant recipients are required to write an article about the program attended for the MALL Newsletter within two months following the program.

A grant recipient who receives funds from another source that eliminate the need for the MALL grant, or who cannot attend the event for any reason, is required to immediately notify the MALL Awards Committee Chair. If the MALL grant has already been paid and a refund cannot be obtained, the applicant will repay the amount of the award.

Members of the MALL Awards, Grants, & Scholarships Committee are not eligible for scholarships or grants.


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