MALL Webpage Technical Tips
There are 3 annotated templates available for editing and creating MALL webpages. Refer to Main Template

Use the View-->Source tool in Internet Explorer (or View-->Page Source in NetScape) to see the code and comment notes in the templates or current pages.

Don't use < H> heading codes - they ignore the selected font face.

Don't use underlining. (Reserved for hyperlinks). Limit use of bold.

If you create additional pages, assign a short filename (8 characters or less), and use .htm as the extension. (Only our main page-- index.html--uses .html).

Use relative links (filename only) for pages and files within the MALL website:
Example: Main Template    (View Source for code)

Use entire URL (beginning http://) for links to internet resources outside the MALL directory.
Example: AALL Meeting Registration     (View Source for code)

Anchor: if the page you create is very long, put in a link at the bottom to return to the top.
Example: Return to top of page.     (View Source for code)

Add your name to any page you prepare or update at the very top in the first comment statement (begins with !).

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