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 AALL Annual Meeting

Government documents awareness via Rich Site Summary (RSS):
aggregation and syndication of e-government resources in real-time using XML

These are the components of the December 10, 2004 GODORT-M/MichALL joint meeting program on RSS:

"THE LIBRARIAN" (audio clip) - TNT movie, Dec. 05, 2004

"Real-time Internet aggregation & syndication with RSS" by Michael Samson

'NewsMaster'-ing e-Government : toolkit for electronic government information dissemination with RSS" by Michael Samson

  • RSS toolkit (OnFolio multi part html file, 10.5 MB), or compressed file here (cab, 4.87 MB)
    • conversion tools:
      • blogs/webs 2 RSS
      • e-mail, favorites, bookmarks 2 RSS
      • news & search 2 RSS
    • Learning Objects (LO), PDA & misc. RSS tools

Hands-on syndication (push) and aggregation (pull) by Michael Samson

  • RSS XML template
  • Mozilla Firefox RSS reader ('Live Bookmark')
  • Mozilla Firefox RSS editor
  • Internet Explorer HotBot RSS reader

Blogging (3 MB) - PowerPoint presentation by Sabrina Pacifici

  • Why Blog?, slide 11
  • Blog essentials, slide 12
  • What to blog about, slide 15

Westlaw IntraClip (1.75 MB) - PowerPoint presentation by Katherine Lowry, Westlaw

Click here for a very good Georgia State University article on Blogging


  • multi part html ('.mht') files will open in IE 5.5 or above only; as some of the '.mht' files are quite large in size, it would be best to open these files (i.e.: links) in new IE windows
  • if you have SP2 (Windows Service Pack 2) installed, you have to "Allow  Blocked Content" in the Internet Explorer's Information Bar in order for the '.mht' files to display correctly

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