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 AALL Annual Meeting

More and more Internet content (web sites, news, blogs, wikkis) have or are adding RSS technology to their 'virtual belt' of personalized information dissemination and more and more Internet tools (client and web based aggregators, e-mail clients, Internet browsers) are adding features for the discovery of this new type of information delivery (RSS feeds).

RSS stands for:

  • Rich Site Summary
  • Really Simple Syndication
  • Really Salvation (from) Spam (???...)

RSS is an XML language that allows aggregation (pull) and syndication (push) in real-time of new information from a web site whenever the site is updated.

This presentation will deal with the simplest form of XML meta language. An XML template for RSS syndication (with embedded instructions for webmasters or “ newsmakers”) will be provided. Clients and server based aggregators, conversion tools, RSS directories and RSS search engines will be introduced and several will also be demoed. RSS feeds will be brought to the audience live (Internet connection available) or via databases created with Internet agents (CatchTheWeb, OnFolio, Adobe Acrobat).

Educational Goals and Objectives

At the end of this presentation librarians will have an understanding of RSS feeds and be able to use the RSS XML provided template and toolkit for syndicating library information via web sites, wikis, e-newsletters, blogs and also use a variety of aggregators for monitoring RSS feeds.

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