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michall@aallnet.org is the official discussion list of the Michigan Association of Law Libraries (MichALL). All those interested in law libraries may join the list for discussion of topics directly of interest to this group. MichALL listserv is hosted by the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).


Please familiarize yourself with the Listserv Rules & Conditions prior to participating.


AALL finished it's migration to Lyris, an all graphical discussion forum software. Over the Memorial Day week-end 2003 all MichALL accounts on the WSU listserv were copied to the AALL list server. Below you will find information on how to set and configure your initial profile. You will only have to do this once.

  1. First, visit http://share.aallnet.org/read/

    Here you will set up your single profile for AALL discussion forums (including MichALL) and:

    -Learn about forums available on the server;
    -Log in, and view which forums you are subscribed to;
    -Subscribe and unsubscribe from forums;
    -Read archived messages;
    -Search the message archives;
    -Manage your membership settings;
    -Find out more about a forum.

  2. Enter your email address (twice if asked) then click OK.

  3. Next you will be brought to the 'Essentials' tab.

    Here you can enter your name (highly recommended) and opt for digest if you like. You will be able to edit any of these settings later. BE SURE TO CLICK “SAVE CHANGES” or your name will not be saved.

  4. Click the 'Advanced' tab.

    This is a dark #999999 tab located above the field where your email address is.

  5. Enter the password of your choice.

    Then BE SURE TO CLICK “SAVE CHANGES” or your password will not be saved. This profile that you are creating will allow you to log in to the web interface for easy profile and subscription management.

  6. Subscribe to MichALL listserv.

    Current MichALL members can request to be added as a listserv member by clicking on the "All Forums" tab and finding "michall" in the list of forums and clicking on "subscribe". A request to be added will then be sent to the Listserv Administrator. Please allow 3 days for approval. You can click the ‘My Forums’ tab to see all of the forums you are currently subscribed to.

The general web interface for the AALL discussion forums is http://share.aallnet.org/read/. You CAN NOT subscribe to forums restricted to AALL members only (those with "yes" under "Members Only?") Online information and help is available on every page. Just click the small question mark (?) icon in the top right area.

You can post to the MichALL forum (listserv) using the AALL graphical user interface at http://share.aallnet.org/read/?forum=michall, or, by email, just as before (use your mail client to send messages to 'michall@aallnet.org')

If you have any questions or need any assistance, you may contact the List Administrator directly.

Thank you

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