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 AALL Annual Meeting


Michigan Association of Law Libraries Board Meeting

Held April 10, 2002, at 10 am, Cooley Law School Library, Lansing, Michigan. Attending on-site were Joan Byerly, Hildur Hanna, Mary Karpinski, Rita Marsala, and Duane Strojny. Attending via tele-conference were Michele Howard and Michael Samson.

1. Minutes


II. Treasurers report

• Down 10 members compared to last year.
• Michele is unsure of some bank fees being charged to our account and will call Comerica for clarification of fee system. Cannot discern pattern. Reported we have been with Comerica “forever,” but figuring out the fees is complicated by the fact that there is no Comerica branch in Traverse City.
• Mary thanked Michele for sending the flowers to a past-president who is currently recovering form surgery.

III. Annual Meeting

• Meeting date is Friday, 5/31/02. Theme: Librarians Making Connections. To be held in the Library of Michigan, Ottawa Room. Duane is finalizing arrangements with a caterer. We will have continental breakfast with fruit, and lunch. Last year Westlaw/Lexis donated $1,250. Discussion over registration fee and agreement reached: $10 for MichALL members, $20 for Non-MichALL members, and *free* to students.
• Michele will send an updated membership form to Michael and he will post it on the web.
• There was a general discussion over the member-recognition portion of the program. Mary will distribute a query to the MichALL mailing list asking if there are any retirements/achievements that should be recognized.
• There was a discussion over a tour option at the end of the meeting. Duane will see if he can arrange a tour with the Library of Michigan.
• Duane will email the date to all MichALL members. Michele will send Duane a digital batch of labels for the registration form.

IV. Old Business

• Michael likes the idea of posting the newsletter in a dynamic manner, rather than the traditional PDF. He asked if we could include on the membership form an option for members to indicate whether they would prefer to get a digital or paper newsletter. Joan expressed a concern that people still receive something (be in an email or in paper) from MichALL, rather than just refreshing the newsletter on the website and never telling members that it has been updated. Duane volunteered to send the email from Michele to Michael so he may compare and see the percentage of members on the Listserv. Our goal is to have a more active web page. Mary asked if there is an easier way to put the newsletter into print production. Michael reported that he wishes to create a new template so he can print if off the web.

VI. New Business

• The nominations committee reported on a tentative slate of candidates. Eric Kennedy and Linda Smith served on the committee with Joan. Joan needs labels for the ballots, which must be mailed 20 days before the spring meeting. Joan will send the nominations list to Michael after all are confirmed.

• AALL Annual Meeting. Last year we offered two $500 grants. There was a general discussion on the processing of soliciting applications and judging the merits of those who have applied. Joan will redo the form to make it more student friendly. MichALL will offer a maximum of up to two grants, of a maximum of $1,000 each, and these will be awarded based on both need and service. In the past the past-president reviewed the grants. This year the Board Members will review and select the recipients. Board members to review the applications during the week of May 6th so the candidate may be notified and it may be announced at the annual meeting. This means the announcements must go out by 4/12 so that candidates may have three weeks to apply.

• Thompson University. West group is offering this full day educational experience. Mary reported that she has one applicant to date. The Board supports Mary’s designation of attendee. This will be announced by 4/12/02.

• MichALL/ORALL luncheon. Last year we covered the tip and desert to subsidize the lunch. This year it is ORALL’s turn. There was a general discussion over the low attendance and high price, and at this time we are not sure if the luncheon will go forward this year.

• Newsletter. Andrea Muto is in the process of putting together a newsletter and needs news. Rita mentioned some Cooley announcements.


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