MichAALL Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes Revised

April 14, 2011


Present: Amy Ash, Janet Ann Hedin, Fran Krempasky, Mark Heinrich, Virginia Thomas

Absent: Kineret Gable, Clare Membiela


I.  The meeting was called to order at 2:03 p.m. via telephone conference call. 


II.  Attendance was taken.


III.   The minutes from the February 17, 2011 meeting were approved. Fran will email minutes to Jessica and ask her to post to the MichALL website.


IV.   President’s Report : Janet Ann Hedin. 

A.     Membership Renewals
Janet is mostly finished with updating the MichALL membership list. She will send it out to the Board when it is done. We have 80 members total.  Helen Levenson also has a copy of the list and has volunteered to go through it and see who didn’t renew and ask them why. By contacting them, she’s hoping she can get them to rejoin. Regarding the membership renewals, Helen would like to send out renewal reminders ahead of time and get the applications sent in electronically. The 2011/2012 membership renewal should begin before the May Spring Education meeting.


B.  Mailbox/Letterhead (tabled until later in the meeting—see X. below).


V.  Vice-President’s Report


For the May Spring Education Meeting, Virginia Thomas presented the draft agenda to the Board:


8:45-9:30  Registration

9:30-12:30 Key speaker: Eleanor “Coco” Siewart’s presentation

12:30-1:30      Lunch

1:30-2:00   MichALL business meeting

2:00-2:30   Ronald E. Wheeler, Jr., AALL Executive Board Member presentation

2:30-3:00  Kim Koscielniak, Library of Michigan, update on LOM



      Virginia said that we will save Birds of a Feather presentation for the fall

       meeting since we will be working in groups during Ms. Siewart’s presentation.


      Ron Wheeler will arrive in town on the Thursday before the Spring meeting.
      Virginia and Janet will take him to dinner. MichALL will pick up dinner
      expenses. Janet will email the Board regarding dinner specifics in case a Board
      member would like to also attend the dinner.


      Virginia said that catering will be done by Angel’s Food Catering. They will

      supply a Continental breakfast, assorted sandwiches for lunch plus cookies.
      Total cost for catering is $760 for an estimated 35 people.


      Other expenses will include Ms. Siewart’s workshop fee plus fees to attend the
      meeting. The Board discussed raising the cost of the Spring meeting to cover 
      costs; the Board agreed to raise the cost of the meeting price to $30 for members,
      $10 for students.


      Virginia will send the Board a draft of the invitation. Janet will send it out to the

       AALL members and listserv once approved by the Board via email.


VI.  Treasurer’s Report


  Kineret Gable was not at the meeting to give a report, but will send it out via
  email. Per Janet, our current balance is $6,555.15, which includes $180 in 
  deposits and no expenses.


VII.  Secretary’s Report

         No report.


VIII. Past President’s Report


         Not available to give report.


IX.   Members At Large : Amy Ash and Mark Heinrich


         No report.

X.     President’s Report Continued


         Mailbox Letterhead/Receipt Book


         Janet began the discussion by stating that she knows of three checks delivered

         to MichALL but not cashed. If we had a permanent street address then the

         chances of mail being delivered correctly would increase. Having a return
         address would also make MichALL look more professional, especially since we
         can then use it on letterhead for Board letters and Board communications.    

         Janet distributed a written proposal prior to the meeting via email. The Board
         voted in favor of moving forward with the UPS mailbox service out of Royal
         Oak. (UPS Store #4708, 29488 Woodward Ave. Royal Oak, MI 48073 (248)-

         The Board approved purchasing the mailbox for 1 year for $30 a month with 
         2 to 3 months free. We can also forward mail to the Treasurer for an
         additional $1.00 fee plus the cost of mailing the material. Janet, Kineret, and

         Virginia will go down to the UPS Store to set everything up.


         The Board approved purchasing letterhead, envelopes, and a receipt book that

         has on it our new address, MichALL name, and logo. The letterhead and
         envelopes will be split between the Executive Board members for their use but
         would especially be distributed to the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and

         Treasurer.  The Board approved Janet’s proposal to use Lenny’s Copy Center

         in Ferndale, MI. The cost would be: 1,000 sheets of letterhead on 60 lb white

         paper for $52.52 and $91 for 1 color; 1,000 envelopes at $70; receipt book of

         500 pages for $55.16.


XI.   Old Business


  Janet will get MichALL/CALL meeting notes from Clare.


XII.  New Business


A.     MichALL Bylaws


Janet will look at the membership list and appoint people to this committee for the upcoming year.


B.     Nominations


Elections close next Monday. So far, Janet has received 29 out of

79 ballots.  Janet will send results to the Board first, then to the membership.


          C.  MichALL Presence at AALL


                Virginia will be attending Leadership Training at AALL as well as the

                President’s Lunch.  Janet asked if the Board wanted to have a table at
                MichALL, the Board voted not to have one.



XI.              Next meeting in Spring will be the general membership meeting: May 20, 2011; the 2011/2012 MichALL Board will meet after that. 


Respectfully submitted by:

Fran Krempasky

May 2, 2011