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 AALL Annual Meeting
Date:         Thu, 6 May 1999 14:39:33 -0400
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Subject:      Board Meeting Minutes, 4/6/99
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MichALL Board Meeting Minutes April 6, 1999

Meeting held via conference call. Joan Hollier, Kathleen Gamache, Shannon Mitchell, Jennifer Lund, Marla Major, Bridget Faricy, Alexandra Koroscik and Jan Bissett attended.

1. Minutes -Add that MichALL will be picking up the difference between the $15 charge and the actual cost of the MichALL/ORALL breakfast in Washington DC. Breakfast has been changed to Wednesday, July 21. Minutes were then approved.

2. Treasurer's Report -There was no treasurer's report.

3. Committee Reports -

Nominations -Jan Bissett has discussed nominations with Joan Byerly, Duane Strojny, and Eric Kennedy. Joan Byerly has agreed to run for VP/Pres. Elect. Duane Strojny has agreed to run for Secretary, and Eric Kennedy has agreed to run for member-at-large. The ballots will be sent out on April 16 to be returned by May 3.

Grant Committee -Jan has received no applications for the grant. She will send an announcement to the law-lib listserv.

4. Old Business

Website Development -Shannon Mitchell talked to Michael Samson who is moving to Washington state. He is still interested in working on our website and transferring it to the AALL server. Shannon will talk to Georgia Clark about both the transfer of the website, and about whether the listserv can remain on Wayne's server, or if it needs to be moved with Michael's departure.

Interest Questionnaire -The board discussed the questionnaire which Marla Major prepared. A few changes were suggested, and Marla will revise. Jan will send the questionnaires with the ballots. The results of the questionnaire will be tabulated and discussed at the Spring meeting.

5. New Business

Spring Meeting -Kathleen has asked Andrea Muto about a Lexis contribution for our spring meeting. Kathleen has prepared the flyer for the spring meeting and will be mailing out soon.

Newsletter -Bridget Faricy and Alexandra Koroscik, the new editors, will need all information turned in by April 15 for the May newsletter. Jan will contribute an article on library related websites. Shannon will write a message from the president. The editors will prepare biographies of the new board candidates and some background on themselves. The AALL breakfast announcement will also be included.

Year 2000 Spring Meeting -A $100 deposit is needed to reserve the Meijer Gardens for a Friday in May. Shannon will verify that Michelle Howard paid the deposit.

Next Board Meeting -The next board meeting will take place at the Spring Meeting in Livonia.

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