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 AALL Annual Meeting

Held August 30, 2000 at 2:00 p.m.
Cooley Law School Library, Lansing, Michigan.

In attendance were Joan Byerly, Mary Lou Calvin, Kathleen Gamache, Mary Karpinski, Rita Marsala, and Duane Strojny.

Absent were Michele Howard and Eric Kennedy.

 1.  Minutes

The minutes of the June 20 meeting were discussed and in the process of being compiled.  The meeting was attended by members of the 1999-2000 board and the 2000-2001 board.

 2. Treasurer’s Report.  

Joan Byerly gave the treasurer’s report in Michele Howard’s absence.  As of August 30, 2000, MichALL has $8,726.44 in the bank.  There are currently 53 paid members.

 3.   Committee Reports

 A.  Education

There was a lot of discussion about the 25th anniversary of MichALL and the possible meeting and celebration options.  We qualified to have a AALL board member visit this year, but decided once again, to defer until the 25th anniversary celebration when we will qualify for the AALL president to visit us.  The location was discussed in depth as well as the content or educational portion of any meeting. The question we need to answer as a board is “What do members want?”  While not reaching any formal decisions, the board spoke freely and openly about the options available.

 There was also discussion about fall 2000 and fall 2001 meetings.  If they were evening or late afternoon meetings that served as a social event with a short program of some sort, we could possibly attract reasonable attendance.  Possibly having someone from Ave Maria, the newest law school in Michigan, speak would be interesting to a large group of members.  We could meet someplace in between Lansing and Detroit or possibly in the Ann Arbor area.

 How many members should we expect to attend our meetings in general?  Where and when should meetings take place?  How can we increase our membership and involvement from members?  While we digressed from the topic of education, the discussion allowed for a very open dialog. 

 Mary is looking to expand membership on the committee.  Duane will volunteer a Cooley staff member.  Kathleen will get someone from the Detroit area to be a representative.

 D.  Newsletter

We are looking for a newsletter editor since Bridget Fabric has resigned.  Duane volunteered to produce one issue, but would be interested in having someone else in place by the next one.  Since there are four paper issues, board members questioned whether or not we should completely move the newsletter to the web.  Or maybe move all issues to the web, but continue to produce only two in paper.  Discussion will continue at the next meeting.  A dues reminder must be placed in the next newsletter.  We have one of the lowest membership years ever.

 E.  Membership

Discussion took place concerning attracting new members and a revised directory.  Duane inquired on the status and organization of Grand Rapids and Detroit law librarian groups to use them as a basis for increasing membership.  We could let all MichALL members know about the regional meetings if the groups were willing to allow it.  Also, distributing minutes through email would allow another route for communicating with our membership.

 4.  Old Business

 A.  Website

Mary Lou Calvin would have something to Joan in about two weeks.  The MichALL website would be hosted through AALLNet.

 B.   Bylaws

Kathleen is planning a meeting in September with other MichALL past presidents to discuss the need for revisions to our current bylaws.

 C.  25th Anniversary

Linda Smith has a full run of MichALL newsletters.  Discussion about the anniversary celebration was lively.  All past presidents would be invited to at least one of the meetings (if more than one is held).

 5.  New Business

 A.  To Be or Not to Be?

Some questions to discuss must be what can MichALL do for our members and what can we do for each other as members of this organization.  The membership wants the organization to continue, but by a smaller margin than in the past (based on a survey done in 1999).  A high percentage of members pay their own dues. 

B. November Meeting

See notes supra under Education Committee.

C.  AALL Speaker

See notes supra under Education Committee.

D. Spring 2001 Meeting

See notes supra under Education Committee.

6.  Announcements

A. SLA continues to send notices of their meetings and seminars to MichALL.

B. ORALL would be having their annual meeting at the end of October.  Interested members could view the program via their website.

Respectfully submitted by Duane Strojny, Secretary.

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