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 AALL Annual Meeting

21 August 2001
Thomas M. Cooley Law School Library

 Meeting began 1:00 pm.

Present: Mary Karpinski; Joan Byerly; Kathleen Gamache; Eric Kennedy; Rita Marsala; Duane Strojny; Hildur Hanna; Michael Sampson

Absent: Michele Howard

 I.  Minutes

 Minutes approved as corrected for October 11, 2000.

 Duane Strojnay distributed minutes from February 20, 2001 and April 4, 2001.  The minutes from February 20, 2001 were approved as corrected: the location was changed from Cooley Law School Library to Clark, Hill, in Okemos.

 II.  Treasurers report.

 There was some discussion over the reimbursement to MichAll for the AALL scholarship, since the recipient did not attend because of health problems.  Kathleen Gamache quoted the terms of the letter indicating that if the recipient did not attend, the funds were to be refunded.  Mary is to confirm whether funds were reimbursed.

 There was a general discussion for the MichALL ORALL breakfast expenditures and the relative size of the organizations.  At the last breakfast there were 14 MichALL members, and 50 ORALL members.  Next year ORALL will arrange the joint meeting at AALL.

 III.  Education Committee Report

 Mary has a query from a doctoral student who would like to observe/study work place institutions.  The Board is not interested in pursuing this offer.

 The target date for the MichALL meeting is 5/3/01.  Duane is hoping to receive suggestions for program topics.

 IV.  WebSite Report

 Michael reported on a number of issues.  There was a general discussion over listserv maintenance.  Wayne is moving the web server to a spam/virus free web server.  Currently Michael receives tons of garbage.@  Michael sought permission to post problem emails, post clean up notices and give confirmatory reports.  He would like a new look for the web page and proposed it look like our newsletter.  He also suggested that we could use the Michigan Government page as a portal.  He offered to format a digital newsletter.  The future of the print newsletter is unsure.  At least two members rely on print.  There was a discussion over archiving the web material.  Michael indicated he has imbedded code for future programming/archiving.  There was a discussion over the technical issues and pros/cons for moving to on-line only publication, and the Board members discussed the possibility of scanning historical MichALL documents into electronic format.  Wayne State has a copy of all past newsletters. 

 V. Old Business

 1. Annual Meeting article for AALL Spectrum and Chapter Leadership Bulletin

 Duane will send information to Spectrum concerning our 25th anniversary celebration along with a copy of the past presidents picture.  October is the next publication deadline for our newsletter and Andrea is looking for submissions.

 VI. New Business

 1. Committee assignment suggestions

 Discussion took place concerning committee memberships.  Kathleen volunteered to work with our Membership Committee.  Nominations generally consists of the past president plus two other members.  Education and Pro Bono also need members to help out.

 2. Fall Dinner

 The members of the board agreed that it would be a good idea to hold a fall dinner similar to last year.  Some possible sites were a location in Howell or Lansing since they are more central to most members.  Duane will fill out the form requesting a AALL Board Member visit us on the date of our dinner.  The visitor could make a brief presentation as part of the dinner.  In addition, the executive board could meet prior to the meeting so we could ask questions and our meeting could be observed by our visitor. 

 VII.  Announcements

 The Library of Michigan has a new electronic calendar for library related items.  It can be accessed via http://www.libofmich.lib.mi.us/welcome/calendar.html.

 The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted by Hildur Hanna and Duane Strojny.

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