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 AALL Annual Meeting

Michigan Association of Law Libraries Board Meeting August 15, 2002

Held 12 noon at Cooley Law School Library, Lansing, Michigan. Attending on-site: Barb Bonge, Rita Marsala, Michael Samson, Duane Stojny, Hildur Hanna. Attending via tele-conference: Larrisa Sullivant

I. Introductions

Duane reviewed the board membership

Outgoing: Michele Howard, Rita Marsala

Incoming: Larissa Sullivant, Barb Bonge, Jeanne Stuart

Remaining: Mary Karpinski, Michael Samson, Duane Strojny, Hildur Hanna

II. Minutes

Hildur submitted minutes for the Annual Business Meeting on 5/31/02. No corrections made. Hildur to email to Michael for posting on the web.

III. Treasurers’ Report

Michele and Barb gave a combined Treasurers’ Report. Michele reported a balance of $4,725.77, and Barb reported $810 in dues. (Balance: $5,535.77)

IV. Committees

Duane lead a general discussion over the nature of committees and reviewed whether they were active or quiescent. The general conclusion was that no new committees are needed, and we might want to involve the membership in a general discussion about combining Public Relations with Membership. Summary of committee-specific discussion:

Education - well stated mission, active

Membership - a number of volunteers are interested in this committee. Duane would like to see them develop liaisons with the Library Science programs. There was a general discussion over the need for a directory. Michele has the latest edition (96?) in digital and tried “playing with it” and reported that updating it was a lot of work. Michael suggested putting it on the web, and Hildur proposed a web-based form that would generate the directory, and leave it up to the member to complete the form and contribute the entry. This would also serve as “permission” to publish. Michael will look into whether this is easy or difficult to mount. There was a general agreement that we could protect member’s privacy by only distributing the URL to MichALL members, and to not post a link on the MichALL web page.

Newsletter - Christopher Bloodworth will assume duties as editor. Duane will contact Christopher about publication dates. Grant recipients are to write an article for the newsletter. The distribution survey indicated over a dozen members wish to get the newsletter in print. Shifting from print to digital format will save quite a bit of money on mailing costs. Michele has a file of names and will give to Barb for labels. Barb will give Christopher a list of new members for a “welcome new members” column. Michael will add Christopher’s email address to the web.

Nominations - The past-president (Mary) is the chair.

Pro Bono - A small number of members indicated an interest (2? 3?), notably Jeanne Stuart. Duane will contact her about ideas for the committee. Hildur proposed that the Pro Bono committee could provide a program for the Spring Meeting aimed at helping general members provide effective assistance to pro bono patrons.

Public Relations - Michele proposed we combine this with membership. Duane will talk to Mary, and we may decide to bring this discussion to the general membership.

Web Site - a committee of one, and our most productive committee at that! Michael is chair and sole member. No changes proposed.

V. Old Business

2002 Annual Meeting - the meeting had record attendance and was well received. A general discussion over whether to invite back the Islamic (female) speaker for the Fall program.

AALL - Chapter Visit - Duane reported that the members did not vote to repeat the AALL chapter visit.

AALL - Larissa attending the MichALL/ORALL lunch but was only able to stay one-half hour. She reported low Michigan attendance. We are obligated to host in Seattle. Duane to talk to Kathleen Gamache about the logistics, because she handled it for years in the past. There was a general discussion over the history of why we co-host this function, the expense to individual members, and how the breakfast/lunch fits the overall AALL (busy) schedule. We may revisit this issue for further discussion.

VI. New Business

Fall Dinner Meeting - Duane will seek recommendations for a restaurant on the I-69 corridor, preferably east of Lansing. Date set for October 23, 2002. Executive Board Meeting Schedule October 23, 2002 - pre-dinner, around 5 pm January 8, 2003 - teleconference/East Lansing to accommodate weather March 26, 2003

Meeting adjourned 1:55 pm Respectfully submitted Hildur Hanna

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