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 AALL Annual Meeting

(August 16th, 2007)

June, Aletha, Barb, Jane, Helen and Larissa met via conference call at 10:00 am. Kori was absent.

Jane read notes from spring meeting.

Barb mentioned that we're doing very well financially. June provided membership numbers and recent bank balance. Noted that membership application on the website should be updated. E-mail our web developer and he will take care of changes.

June provided a report of her experiences at the AALL conference. She e-mailed everyone the link for education materials from the conference and she mentioned that the Grand Rapids Association of Law Librarians usually purchases audio tapes of the AALL programs, in case someone would like to borrow them. June described the leadership program she attended, which was geared for AALL chapter presidents.

We talked about the newsletter and ideas for content. We discussed the possibility of having someone write up summaries of the programs from the MichALL spring conference. Jane Edwards offered to write something. There are pictures from the spring conference, but we haven't received them yet (may need to follow up with Lauren Collins). June is going to write up summaries of the AALL programs she attended for the newsletter. Jane Edwards offered to write something up regarding some of the AALL academic programs. Someone should post a message on the listserv to solicit articles for the newsletter. We agreed that September 15 would be the deadline for articles with a publication date of October 1 for publication.

We briefly discussed ideas for disseminating more legal information to the public.

The fall dinner was the next agenda item. We agreed on October 17th as the date for the dinner, and decided that it would be best to hold the dinner somewhere in the Lansing area. Barb agreed to create a list of possible restaurants. We discussed the idea of having MichALL subsidize a portion of each attendee's meal.

We discussed the possibility of granting Jerry Dupont life membership in MichALL. Barb mentioned that the procedure explained in the MichALL constitution is quite involved and requires a vote of the entire membership. Executive board voted to grant Jerry lifetime membership. Next step is to submit this proposal to all MichALL members for a vote. We discussed the possibility of voting electronically, and June said she would check the MichALL constitution to see if this is permissible.

We discussed the Continuing Professional Education Committee. June mentioned that there are several educational grants available through AALL. The deadline for the first round of grants is September 7. This grant money can be used for future programs. June sent out link to AALL web page that describes the grants and criteria. We discussed the possibility of pod casting some of our future educational programs, which seems to be one of the criteria that AALL considers when approving grants.

June and Larissa discussed AALL's recruitment to law librarianship committee. The group talked about ways we might participate in this.

Aletha brought up the topic of planning for the spring meeting. We discussed the possibility of using Survey Monkey to poll the membership about their interests. We also brain-stormed ideas for recruiting people to serve on the spring meeting planning committee. One idea that was suggested was to place an announcement in the next newsletter.

A question came up about whether MichALL had sent flowers to Pat Parker, who has been ill. June offered to check with Kori to see if flowers have been sent.

Our next board meeting will be held on October 17 at approximately 5:00pm before the MichALL Fall Dinner

Jane Edwards
MichALL Secretary

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