MichALL Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes   

August 31, 2010


Present: Amy Ash, Kineret Gable, Janet Ann Hedin, Fran Krempasky, Mark Heinrich, Clare Membiela, Virginia Thomas


1.  The meeting was called to order at 10:08 via telephone conference call.  


2.   The minutes from the June 16, 2010 Business meeting were approved with revisions. Fran will send out revised minutes and ask Jessica to post them to the MichALL website.


3.   Report from President--Janet Ann Hedin

A.     Registration

Janet reported that she is chairing the 2010/2011 MichALL Nomination Committee and Virginia will be chairing the Education Committee. Janet said she will proceed with committee assignments from the membership once she receives the membership forms for this year. MichALL Board members will be committee liaisons.


Currently Janet has received 9 membership registration forms with dues. She is still awaiting Cooley & MSU’s member forms as those are usually sent as a group. MichALL member registration announcements were sent to the MichALL member list as well as the MichALL listserv.


                  Janet asked the Board how we should handle registration for people who

                   joined MichALL in April to go to CALL; should their registration cover

                  2010/2011? The Board decided that, yes, those that registered in April

                  will be covered for the 2010/2011 year. They do no need to renew their



B.     Treasurer’s Report (Update)


Janet noted that Anne Hudson sent the Treasurer’s report to Kineret to

give the report.  Since Kineret was late to the meeting, Janet reported that all invoices for the CALL meeting have been paid, along with the $700 to subsidize MichALL members who attended the CALL meeting.


C.     Chapter Training


Janet stated that Virginia attended AALL Chapter training at the AALL

Conference. (Note: Virginia’s report is detailed in #4 below).


            D.  Letterhead


                  Since MichALL doesn’t have letterhead, Janet asked the Board to

                  consider purchasing letterhead stationary with our logo on it. Everyone

                  on the Executive Board could use it. She also noted that we should

                  consider purchasing a receipt book with the same letterhead/logo. We

                  could then give receipt to members for membership dues, and for those

                  who pay cash to attend MichALL events. All Board members were in

                  agreement on this proposal.


E.     Membership Renewals


There was some discussion about the MichALL membership list on the MichALL website. Amy checked and there is access to the membership list on the website. It includes names and email addresses. Fran and Janet will work on updating the online membership list so that it is current.


Janet noted that AALL insurance dues need to be in on October 1, 2010. So membership records need to be as complete as possible by then.


4.      Vice President/President-elect Report --Virginia Thomas


A.      Fall Dinner 2010


Virginia said that she has a possible speaker lined up for the fall

Dinner, Judith Gaskell, Librarian of the Court, Supreme Court of the United States. Judith Gaskell has experience serving the U.S. Supreme Court. The cost to bring her in would be travel costs plus lodging. Virginia will check with Judith on her availability and get back to the Board with more details.


Clare suggested a backup speaker, Sue Adamczak, from the Library of Michigan State Law Library. Clare will send more info about Sue to the Board.


B.      Spring Education Meeting


Virginia has a speaker in mind for the May meeting: Eleanor “Coco” Siewert , who is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, who does consulting and training on conducting meetings, bylaws, and conflict resolution. She has formerly served in administration at the Wayne State Law School. Eleanor has spoken about parliamentary procedure and given workshops to the law faculty as well as other groups. We may want to also ask MLA (Michigan Library Association) if they would like to join us in sponsoring this meeting for their members as well.


C.      AALL Chapter Training


Virginia reported on her AALL Chapter training on leadership during the AALL Conference. She said that Ken Hirsh gave them a presentation about the new AALL website. The AALL Bylaws Committee discussed the creation and revision of bylaws. Virginia suggested that the MichALL Board might want to review the bylaws as well this year.  


The AALL Membership Development Committee reported that their duties included mentoring AALL chapters; including making chapters aware of benefits available. Virginia said she will look into this further.


Virginia will make copies of the various documents she received at training and will send them to Janet.


5.      Fall Dinner


The fall dinner is expected to be held in mid-October. The Board agreed that Hershey’s in East Lansing would be a nice place to hold the dinner again. Virginia will firm up plans and send them out to the Board.


6.   Treasurer’s Report


Kineret will meet with Anne Hudson to hand off “the books.” Kineret will need to sign a signature card for the Bank.


The final Treasurer’s report was sent by Anne via email. As of August 31, 2010, MichALL has $ 6,729.69 in its treasury. The April 15, 2010 treasurer’s report stated assets of $7,768.97.


6.      Secretary’s Report


Fran wrote a letter to Comerica for the transfer of names on our account (from Anne to Kineret). She is also working on the lifetime membership letters.


7.      Past President Report (Clare Membiela)


No Report


8.      Other


Amy is willing to help out if anything is needed.




9.      Old Business


Clare will send MichALL/CALL meeting minutes to Janet.


10.  New Business


Janet said that we will begin discussing the bylaws at the next Board meeting.

Janet will set up a Conference Call in September for our next meeting. She will use Doodle again to set up a date and time.

































Respectfully submitted by:

Fran Krempasky

September 21, 2010