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 AALL Annual Meeting
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 08:38:43 -0500 
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Subject: Board Meeting Minutes, 12/3/98 
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MichALL Board Meeting Minutes December 3, 1998

Meeting held at Cooley in Lansing. Joan Hollier, Kathleen Gamache, Shannon Mitchell, Sharon Bradley, Jennifer Lund, Marla Major, Jan Bissett, and Michelle Howard attended.

1. Minutes - Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. Treasurer*s Report - The treasurer*s report was given by Kathleen Gamache. The association has $9199.81

3. Old Business -

Website Development - Content was discussed, including membership list (password protected or not?), newsletter, MichALL logo, and useful Internet links. Jan will form a subcommittee to look into coordinating it through AALL. Other content could include board meeting agendas and minutes, and program materials. The possibility of hot-links to e-mail of board members was also discussed.

Association Manual - Shannon will collect the changes to the sample manual, make changes and send to board members to review.

Newsletter - The most recent newsletter was mailed.

Education Committee - The Education Committee chose Laurel Manor in Livonia as the location of our Spring Meeting. It will be held on Friday, 5/14/99. The topic is *Life in the Fast Lane* and will be presented by West Group. The board also discussed moving the education committee planning ahead one year to allow more time and flexibility in choice of speakers, topics, and locations. The Vice President should plan a program for the year they will be President. The AALL satellite video conference (April 15, 1999) will be on *Customer Service* and will include Pat Wagner as a speaker. Possible locations were discussed. Plans for 2001 - 2001 will be the 25th anniversary of MichALL. Shannon will look for volunteers for a committee to plan a special event to mark this occasion. MichALL is responsible for the annual ORALL/MichAll breakfast at AALL this year. Kathleen has contacted AALL to request a room for the breakfast.

Chapter VIP Program - AALL is seeking nonmembers, such as judges, attorneys, etc., to attend the annual meeting next year in Washington DC. AALL will pay for full registration. Transportation and hotel will be paid by the chapter. The chapter will seek 1-2 attendees. There will be an announcement on the listserv seeking nominations. 4. New Business Strategic Challenge - Shannon distributed a copy of AALL*s Strategic Challenge for 1998-2000 for board members to review.

Board Meeting Schedule - The next board meeting will be a phone conference at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, January 26, 1999.

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