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 AALL Annual Meeting

From: Anne Cottongim
To: 'Pat Parker'; 'Sullivant, Larissa'; 'Lauren Collins'; 'Barb Bonge'; 'June VanWingen'; 'Korinna Kasara'; 'Helen Levenson'
Subject: Minutes of MichALL board meeting held February 7, 2007

Attending: President Larissa Sullivant, VP President Elect Lauren Collins, Secretary Anne Cottongim, Treasurer Barb Bonge, Member at Large Kori Kasara, Member at Large Helen Levenson, Volunteer at Large Michael Tillman-Davis. Absent with notice Past President Pat Parker.

Larissa read an email from Pat Parker indicating that she is ill. The Board decided to send her flowers next month to wish her well and to thank her for her three years of service with MichALL.

Lauren Collins, VP President-Elect announced that she has accepted employment at Duke University and will be leaving Wayne State University in Detroit on February 20, 2007.

The elections cycle has just begun for next year so it was agreed to add the position of President to the ballot along with VP/President Elect and Secretary. The board requested that Barb Bonge, Larissa Sullivant, and Kori Kasara serve as this year's nominating committee. The nominating committee will present a slate of candidates to the President to post to the members with time for additional candidates to be nominated pursuant to the constitution. The Secretary will email the ballots to members on March 12, 2007 with a return date of March 26.

Barb Bonge presented the Treasurer's Report and it was accepted without change.

The Board agreed that since there is expected to be very low MichALL turnout at AALL in New Orleans that the organization would forego having a table or breakfast this year but that it would be considered again next year.

The Board approved continuing the payment for services rendered by the Webmaster.

Lauren Collins updated the board on her progress in planning the 2 day Spring Meeting to be held on May 10-11, 2007 at Wayne State University in Detroit. MichALL has received a donation from Lexis and are expecting donations from Westlaw and Lexis Nexis Academic soon. The speakers have been confirmed and Lauren will send them official packets of materials next week. She will also send via email registration forms that will list Anne Cottongim as the contact for returning the forms and registration fee on February 19th or 20th. The forms and fee will be due to Anne by April 20 so that Anne can cancel the rooms being held by the hotel if no one is going to use them by the 30th.

Kori volunteered to place the registration form in the upcoming newsletter in order to ensure that all MichAll members get a copy.

The next board meeting will be via conference call on April 25, 2007 at 9:30 am.

Anne Cottongim
MichALL Secretary

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