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 AALL Annual Meeting

Minutes - February 29, 2008


Conference Call: Barbara Bonge, Janet Ann Hedin, Aletha Honsowitz, Kori Kasara, Helen Levenson
Excused Absence: Larissa Sullivant, and June VanWingen


No report from June VanWingen. Aletha Honsowitz reported that June and Larissa Sullivant were ill and could not be with us this meeting. Aletha opened the meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Minutes: The minutes from the January 25, 2008 meeting were reviewed. No one had any changes. Members were asked if they had not had a chance to review the minutes to let Janet Hedin know if any changes needed to be made. Barbara Bonge moved that the minutes be approved and Helen Levenson seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


Janet reported that she had the results of the election which will be reported on later.


Barbara Bonge reported that MichALL's current balance is the same as last month which is $ 8,169.83.


Spring Meeting: Aletha reported that the planning for the Spring Meeting is coming along. The meeting will be on Friday, May 16, 2008 at the Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids. Janet and Aletha along with Education Committee members Marlene Coir and Veronica Foster have been working on the authentication program. Mary Alice Baish has agreed to the keynote speaker for the first part of the morning program. She has also agreed to be a part of the panel that will take place after the morning break. Deborah Gearhart, Director of Records Management for the State of Michigan will also be on the panel. The group is also trying to get a representative from the courts and the legislature.

Aletha reported that Barbara Blintliff has agreed to be the speaker for the afternoon program on the topic on how to communicate change. Barbara has also agreed to be on the panel as Colorado already has passed authentication legislation. Last, Darcy Kirk, AALL Secretary, will be with us for the meeting and will speak during lunch.

Lunch will be catered by the group that works with Cooley. It was discussed that maybe sandwiches and a salad with a dessert would be nice. Also something should be served during the breaks. Aletha will bring the beverages to help with the cost of the lunch. Aletha will bring a proposal from the caterer to the next meeting.

The issue arose whether we should charge for registration. It was brought up that any charge should try to be low in order to hopefully increase attendance. It was decided that some fee should be charged because people would more likely to attend if they had already paid something. Parking was also brought up and whether that cost could also be covered. Barbara moved and Janet second that we would charge $20.00 for registration and that would include the cost of parking. Motion carried unanimously.

The Education Committee will work on a registration form and get the form and other information out on the website.

Nominations and Elections: The Nominations Committee put together a slate of candidates for the following positions: 1st Vice-President/President Elect; Treasurer, and Member at Large. They did it within the timeline set by our bylaws and the election was held by e-mail in February. The results of the election will be presented later on in New Business. Everyone agreed that the Nominations Committee did a great job.

MichALL Table at AALL: Our table at AALL was discussed briefly. It was mentioned that we probably will want to do some type of raffle and have as a prize some type of Michigan theme basket. There was some discussion whether the person would have to be at the drawing to win the prize or just have their name drawn and we would make sure they get the prize. It was also discussed whether the table should be manned throughout the conference, only during key periods, or not at all. It was also brought up that we were not even sure who from MichALL was going to attend AALL. It was decided that this issue would be defer until June returned.

Mentoring New Law Librarians: The Board decided to defer this issue until a later date. It was suggested that maybe we could bring this matter up at the Spring meeting and see if anyone had any ideas on how we could actually undertake mentoring new librarians.

Pat Parker Scholarship: The committee has not met on this scholarship yet due to working on the Spring meeting. They will try to get together before the next board meeting but chances are this issue may have to wait until a later date. As of now, Barb, Kori, and Janet will be on the committee. When June returns, she can let us know if she still wants to be on it.

MichALL Newsletter: Janet has not had a chance to work on this yet due to the Spring Meeting. She will try and get a newsletter out by the end of April. She will have a deadline date for articles mentioned in the listserv and on the web hopefully soon.


Election Results: 33 ballots were returned to the Secretary, Janet, by the deadline date. There were no write in names and all ballots elected the slate that was presented. Aletha will talk to June, notify the winners, and will have the results. The new Board members are: Clare Membiela - Vice President/President Elect, Anne Cottongim - Treasurer, and Elise Keller - Member at Large.

Flowers for June: Helen thought it would be nice if we sent flowers to June to help wish her a speedy recovery. The board agreed and asked Janet to arrange to have flowers sent to June. It was discussed that the cost should not be above $50.00.

Aletha concluded the meeting at 11:00 a.m. The next Board meeting will be a conference call on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 2:30 p.m.

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