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 AALL Annual Meeting

Minutes - January 25, 2008


Conference Call: Barbara Bonge, Janet Ann Hedin, Aletha Honsowitz, Kori Kasara, Helen Levenson, Larissa Sullivant, and June VanWingen


June VanWingen opened the meeting at 10:00 a.m. June announced that due to her having surgery, she will be off her feet for a few weeks but can still be reached through e-mail and phone. In the meantime, Aletha Honsowitz will be in charged if any problems should arise.

Minutes: The minutes from the October 17, 2007 meeting had already been reviewed and now have been corrected by Jane Edwards. The minutes were approved with no further corrections.


Jane has resigned her position as secretary and Janet Ann Hedin has been appointed to fulfill Jane's term. Janet reported that Jane had a baby girl in January. It was decided that Janet will send a card on the behalf of MichALL to congratulate Jane on her new future librarian.


Barbara Bonge reported that MichALL's current balance is $ 8,169.83.


Spring Meeting: Aletha reported that the Education Committee has been very busy working on the programming for the Spring Meeting. Ideas were gathered from the committee members through e-mail and then asked to rank the different ideas in a survey. The following program proposal was than finalized through a conference call:

The Spring Meeting would be a full day with a program in the morning, lunch, business meeting and then a different program in the afternoon. The morning program would be a two part program on the AALL Authentication Project with a speaker first talking about the actual project and then a local panel from different areas such as courts, legislature, and executive branch would reflect on how this might affect Michigan. The afternoon program would consist of a speaker such as Barbara Bintloff. The theme of the afternoon program has not yet been decided except that it would be on a lighter note than the morning's program. There is also the possibility that we might have a representative from AALL as a guest visitor and thought that person could speak during lunch if necessary.

A motion was made by Barb for MichALL to approve of the plans for the Spring Meeting and for the Education Committee to go ahead and contact the different speakers and to firm up any other arrangements. June second the motion and the board unanimously approved the motion.

The location of the actual meeting was then discussed. As the meeting will be taking place in Grand Rapids, Meijer Gardens and Cooley Law School were discussed as two possible venues. After a discussion of the pros and cons of each area (location, costs, parking, etc.), June moved that the Board approved of Cooley Law School as the location for the meeting, Helen Levenson second the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

The date for the Spring Meeting will either by Friday, May 9, 2008 or Friday, May 16, 2008 depending on the availability at Cooley. Aletha will check into this and will let everyone know by e-mail the actual date. June will contact AALL about having a representative visiting MichALL during the Spring Meeting.


ORALL Letter: The AALL Government Relations Committee would like members of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Reform Committee to sign on as co-sponsors of the Presidential Records Reform Act - S. 886. To further this aim, AALL GRC has asked all the chapters to write letters encouraging this move. June sent everyone an e-mail with a dummy copy of such a letter to see if the Board wanted to provide this kind of support. June asked if anyone had any questions. No one did. Barb moved with Aletha seconding the motion for MichALL to send a letter. The motion was approved unanimously. Barb agreed to write the letter and send it on after getting it approved by June.

MichALL Table at AALL: AALL wanted to know if MichALL wanted to have a table or some other kind of event at AALL in Portland. The table would be set up in the Exhibit Hall with information about MichALL and maybe have some kind of drawing to encourage interest. A table had been set up at the St. Louis AALL meeting and had been quite successful. Janet moved that we have a table at AALL and that the specifics could be decided at a later date. Barb second and the motion passed unanimously. June will let AALL know that we will have a table.

Mentoring New Law Librarians: June brought up the topic of mentoring new law librarians and even library students so that they might enter the profession of law librarianship. This has been a topic that has promoted a great deal of interest in AALL. There might be some seminars on it at the annual meeting and also some other seminars or workshops throughout the year. The Board decided to table this topic for now.

Pat Parker Scholarship: The topic on whether MichALL should establish a scholarship in memory of Pat Parker was discussed. While everyone thought it was a good idea, the specifics of such a scholarship could not be decided such as amount, aim, use, AALL, library school, funding, etc. It was decided that an ad hoc committee would be formed to discuss the specifics of such a scholarship and that it would submit a proposal to the board. Barb, Kori, June, and Janet agreed to be on this committee.


MichALL Newsletter: Even though this was under Old Business at the last MichALL Board Meeting, Janet was not present to get the information. Janet has agreed to be the new editor of the newsletter. She will start working on getting one together for the spring. Two other members of MichALL, Veronica Foster and Clare Nathan, will also be on the committee. Barb will e-mail their addresses to Janet and Kori will send her suggestions on how the Newsletter is put together and other mechanics such as how it is distributed to the membership.

Nominations and Elections: A Nominations Committee needs to set up to get nominees for the positions of 1st Vice-President/President Elect; Treasurer, and Member at Large. It was mentioned that somehow the staggering of electing Members at Large has been lost in the past and that it should be rectified so that we can have some continuity on the Board. Helen agreed to stay on another year as Member of Large so only one person needs to come in for a two year period. Barb, Aletha, and Kori agreed to be on the nominating committee. They will put together a slate and have it set so that there can be an election in February.

Web Page: It was raised again that Steve Sullivant would not have any formal connection to MichALL once Larissa retires. It was proposed again that Steve be invited to the Board meetings and that information would be e-mailed to him on a timely basis in order for the web page to stay current. Aletha moved that MichALL approve this proposal and June second it. The motion was passed unanimously.

June concluded the meeting at 11:00 a.m. The next Board meeting will be a conference call on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 10:00 a.m.

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