MichALL Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes   

January 27, 2012


Present: Amy Ash, Janet Ann Hedin, Mark Heinrich, Frances Krempasky, Yolanda Jones, Virginia Thomas 

Absent: Kineret Gable


I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Virginia at 3:45 p.m. at Dickinson Wright, PLLC in Detroit. Amy Ash and Fran Krempasky attended the meeting via telephone conference call.    


II. Consideration and Approval of Minutes & Stationary Update

The minutes from the November 18, 2011 meeting were approved. Fran will send the minutes to Jessica to post to the MichALL website.


Janet noted that she will meet with Fran on Monday to give her the MichALL letterhead and envelopes. Fran will then mail some stationary and envelopes to Amy Ash via interoffice mail. Janet is also working on the receipt book.


III.  President’s Report : Virginia Thomas 

         A.     Tax-Exempt Status


Virginia reported that she is one number away from completing the paperwork and federal forms for MichALL's tax exempt status. She needs the expense amount from the 2008/2009 fiscal year.  Kineret is getting the bank statements with those numbers to complete the report.  Virginia will determine if there is any state of Michigan tax implications resulting from loss of tax exempt status. Amy Ash has agreed to review the forms before they are sent in. After Amy’s review, Virginia will send out the forms with a check and attachments to her contact at the State of Michigan.


Virginia reminded the Board that we need to document procedures we follow so that guidelines can be turned over to the next MichALL Treasurer.


           B.   February Election


                  Virginia thanked the Nominations Committee, led by Jan Bissett, for

                  successfully delivering a slate of candidates for the MichALL open positions.





      The 2012-2013 slate of candidates:


       -Vice President/President-Elect:  Amy Ash (Thomas M. Cooley Law

        School Library (Grand Rapids))


        -Treasurer:  Pat Bravender (Grand Valley State University Steelcase  

        Library (Grand Rapids) and Janice Selberg (Ann Arbor)


       -Member at Large: Alicia Dyer (University of Detroit Mercy Law Library

       (Detroit)) and Michele LaLonde-Reaume (Ralph M. Freeman Library for the

       US Courts (Detroit)) and Laura Mancini (Oakland County Law Library



                   Virginia will send the slate of candidates to Jessica to place on the MichALL



                   Wayne State University Systems staff are using Survey Monkey to create the

                   MichALL ballot. Virginia is reviewing the current email list of MichALL

       members that are eligible for voting to verify it is correct. After verification,

       then the Survey Monkey link will be sent to members to use for voting.


Survey Monkey tabulates the votes automatically. Virginia noted that the MichALL Constitution requires the Secretary or member of the Board to

                   print out each ballot. Library staff at WSU will print out each ballot received

from Survey Monkey and place in an envelope to give to Virginia. This method protects anonymity.


                   Virginia will send a notice to the listserv that we are taking nominations

                   for Board positions. Fran will help with sending out emails.


C.   AALL Chapter Visit Request


       A request was sent to AALL for the Vendor Board member at large to attend

       our spring meeting.  The AALL Board suggested we might want to have two

       Board members attend. Susan Lewis, AALL Treasurer, and Margaret Maes, 

       AALL Vendor Liaison will be attending the MichALL spring meeting. 

       AALL will pay all expenses.


           D.   Invitation to ORALL 2012 (Toledo)


                  Virginia has an email in to Rick Goheen at ORALL, asking him what the

                  theme is for the ORALL meeting. Virginia will email board when she gets his





           E.  Other


                 The Authentication Committee still needs a chair.  Please send your

                 suggestions to Virginia. Virginia also noted that the rest of the Committee

                 chairs have agreed to stay on next year as chairs, which will help with

                 Committee continuity. 


IV.   Vice President’s Report


         Yolanda reported that MichALL held a successful fall dinner meeting on

         at Steve & Rocky’s in Novi.


         The spring meeting will be held Friday, May 18, 2011 at the Gerald R. Ford

         Museum in Grand Rapids. The Education Committee has been formed and

         includes, Yolanda, Donyelle Darrough, and Clare Membiela from Cooley Law

         School. The Committee is currently working on the topic of electronic books and

         law resources. Speakers include:  Paul Gallagher, from Wayne State University;

         Jeremy York from Hathi Trust; and a speaker from “The Law Librarian Blog.” The

         Committee is still firming up the last spot on the panel, it will be someone from

         the publishing field.


         Yolanda said that she will work with Amy Ash to select a good caterer in the

         Grand Rapids area. Next steps will be to send out a "save the date" email and

         registration form. Yolanda will also make sure that the spring meeting information

         on the website stands out and is noticeable.  


         (Janet noted that she was appointed to the AALL Program Committee for         

         2012/2013. Congratulations Janet!)         


V.  Treasurer’s Report


No report as Kineret was absent. However, Virginia noted that the last balance she received was $5,189.


VI. Secretary’s Report

      Fran reported that the MichALL Emeritus letters were being sent out soon, and will

      be printed on MichALL letterhead.  She also reported that in her role as liaison to the

      Publicity Committee, that Clare Membiela, Chair of the Committee, said that they

      were currently working on creating an information document for the MichALL

      spring Educational Meeting.






VII.Past President’s Report


       Janet reported that the Newsletter Committee intends to send out an email newsletter

       shortly. Members on the committee are: Brent Domann, Melissa Ewing and Jessica

       Fields. Janet will also report back on the Grants & Scholarship Committee at the next

       meeting. Janet said the MichALL letterhead order is done along with envelopes. We

       should have the receipt book by the spring meeting.


VIII. Members At Large : Amy Ash and Mark Heinrich


       Amy reported that the Bylaws Committee hasn't met yet.


       Mark reported that the Nominations Committee met and selected a slate of

       candidates. He said that at the MichALL Business meeting (at the spring

       meeting), that the Board might want to evaluate MichALL's direction. Virginia and

       Yolanda said it would be worthwhile to ask the members what they wanted out of

       MichALL. Virginia noted that in the MichALL Constitution, it states that

       MichALL's purpose is to 1) promote law librarianship 2) foster a spirit of

       cooperation amongst members and 3)promote the use of law libraries. Virginia

       said the Board might want to begin to form a strategic plan and ask members to

       participate in it. Discussions could take place at the MichALL Committee level.

       We could ask members what they want out of MichALL. Mark said that there are

       subgroups that meet in the state as well. LLMD meets 9 times a year and the Grand

       Rapids Association meets 7 or 8 times a year. We could include these groups in our

       discussions also.


IX.  Old Business



X.  New Business


      AALL 2012 (Boston) programming has been selected. The Board wondered if

      MichALL could still support Yolanda's program or maybe we should look into

      developing it as a webinar or a joint program with ORALL. Fran will check with

      MLA to ask about possibly including Yolanda's program with their programming.

      Once the spring meeting is completed, it would be worthwhile to continue

      to work on ideas for educational programming.


      Regarding the marketing of MichALL, it's important that we continue to reach out to

      LIS students and have brochures for MichALL at LIS career services offices.


Next meeting: March 2, 2012  ; Meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by: Fran Krempasky

February 23, 2012