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 AALL Annual Meeting
Date:         Mon, 16 Feb 1998 09:45:35 -0500
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Subject:      1/15/98 Mich/ALL BoarMeeting Minutes
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MichALL Board Meeting Minutes 1/15/98
Submitted by Jennifer Lund, Secretary

Meeting held via conference call. Jan Bissett, Kathleen Gamache, Shannon Mitchell, Kathy Vance, Maria Brummel-Schutte, and Jennifer Lund in attendance.

1. Call to order/old business Correction to minutes of 11/2/97 board meeting: This year joint MichAll/ORALL breakfast at AALL annual meeting is the responsibility of ORALL.

Maria will continue to try to contact Sharon Bradley to further discuss the newsletter. Items for next issue due 2/1/98. Jan will also try to contact Sharon. Jan will try to contact Michele Howard about hosting the website and Bryan Carson, regarding the Midwest Regional Conference.

2. Committee Reports:

**Treasurer's Report - Current balance of $9566.81. Kathleen Gamache will send out one more mailing for those who have not paid, approximately 30-40 people. **Placement - Nothing to report. Someone has been hired at DCL. **Education - Shannon Mitchell received information on menus at the Holiday Inn and will decide on food selection. Jan Bissett will pull together information from last year's annual meeting, and forward to Shannon. Shannon will get information about the meeting in the next newsletter and plans on sending out packets in late March/early April. **Membership - Donna Loyd is working on the survey with Sue Adamczak. Jan will contact Donna about getting the preliminary information done so that it can be distributed at the meeting in spring.

3. New Business

** Nominations Committee - Kathy Vance will begin work on this. Jan volunteered Mark Heinrich to participate. Positions open are VP/PE, Member at Large, and Treasurer. **Status of MichALL listserv - Instructions for the listserv are at www.libraries.wayne.edu/lawlibrary/michall.html. Maria Brummel-Schutte will talk to Sharon Bradley about putting this information in the newsletter. **Midwest Regional funding request - Have asked for $500 contribution from each participating association. Kathleen will check to see if we sent money. If not, we will send $500. **MichALL Directory revision - Kathleen will send Kathy Vance updated information on membership. Kathy will determine if she can update on her own, or needs help. Directory will be issued as loose-leaf pages without binder, with revisions to possibly appear in newsletter as new pages to insert/substitute. Kathy will also ask for updates of information through the listserv. Kathleen will send a request to Sharon for the newsletter. Will try to get directory done by annual meeting, with copying costs to come out of our budget. **AALL Agenda item request - nothing to submit **Executive Board Position Descriptions - Each board member will write up description of their position and send to Jan Bissett by 2/16. Jan will compile and send out, so that we can discuss at 3/5 meeting at Cooley. (Jenn will call and arrange room for 10 am) **Calendaring/Docketing dates - Each board member will list important dates in Mich/ALL annual calendar (exact dates are not necessary)--and forward to Jennifer Lund. Jenn will compile and send out, so that we can discuss at 3/5 meeting. **Additional Items Mary Wickware is inventorying MichALL archive items. Discussion about how to retain this information and pass on to next group of board members. Also discussion regarding written procedures. Decided that we will start with position descriptions and calendar and go from there. Read and approved Marla Major's article for the newsletter. Next meeting: scholarships and grants. (Shannon will discuss with Marianne Maher and they will write a proposal.)

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