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 AALL Annual Meeting
Subject: Board Meeting Minutes, 1/26/99
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 09:22:01 -0500
From: "Jennifer K. Lund" <jlund@DYKEMA.COM>
Reply-To: Michigan Association of Law Libraries <MICHALL@cwis-20.wayne.edu>
To: MICHALL@cwis-20.wayne.edu

MichALL Board Meeting Minutes January 26, 1999

Meeting held via conference call. Joan Hollier, Kathleen Gamache, Shannon Mitchell, Jennifer Lund, Marla Major, and Jan Bissett attended.

1. Minutes - Correction on spelling of Michele Howard. Minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. Treasurer*s Report - The treasurer*s report was given by Kathleen Gamache. The association has $8538.73.

3. Old Business -

Website Development - The development committee had some questions for the board regarding policy. They will put together their questions and the board will decide. Shannon will try to schedule Michael to do a demonstration for the board. It is currently residing on Wayne*s server but will be moved to the AALL server.

Newsletter - Alexandra Koroscik and Bridget Faricy have agreed to be the new co-editors. They will take over after the next newsletter which will be edited by Sharon Bradley.

Education Committee - The AALL satellite video conference (April 15, 1999) will be on *Customer Service* and will include Pat Wagner as a speaker. Possible locations were discussed. MSU would charge around $300 plus the $500 AALL fee. Kathleen will check into WSU and the possibility of buying a copy of the video.

MichALL is responsible for the annual ORALL/MichAll breakfast at AALL this year. Kathleen has contacted AALL to request a room for the breakfast.

GRALL will host the MichALL annual meeting in the year 2000. They will try to reserve us space at the Meijer Gardens for a May Friday other than Memorial Day.

Chapter VIP Program - There have been no nominations following Shannon*s request on the listserv.

4. New Business

Committee Assignments - In response to Shannon*s e-mail, Lucy Payne has volunteered to serve on the travel grant committee. This was the sole volunteer at the time of the meeting. Jan will contribute the travel grant form to the newsletter.

Nominations Committee - Jan will write up a request for nominations to appear in the newsletter.

News - Wanda Grace from Cooley passed away recently. Shannon will make sure a memorial is included in the next newsletter. A donation will be made on behalf of MichALL to a charity to be determined. Michele Howard gave birth to a boy and both mom and baby are doing fine.

Board Meeting Schedule - The next board meeting will be at 2 p.m. on March 18, 1999. Location to be announced.  

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