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 AALL Annual Meeting

From: Anne Cottongim
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 10:35 AM
To: 'Pat Parker'; 'Sullivant, Larissa'; 'Lauren Collins'; 'Barb Bonge'; 'June VanWingen'; 'Korinna Kasara'; 'Helen Levenson'
Subject: Minutes of MichALL board meeting held June 2, 2006

Larissa, Barb, June, Anne, Helen, and Kori - Met at 1 pm in Ann Arbor, Pat and Lauren were absent.

The board first reviewed an order form for a sign that we would like to purchase from AALL that would be placed at the doorway of the Breakfast meeting to be held during the annual meeting and then taken to the exhibit hall to be placed next to our table. We decided on a 14 by 22 sign and that the text should only read MichALL so that we can reuse it easily, Barb Bonge will send in the order form by the June 9, deadline.

We then discussed the newsletter and how our members get communication from the board. It was decided that a newsletter is still a useful resource and we asked Kori to take on the editorship of the newsletter for the year 2006-2007. She will attempt to get submissions 3 times a year from the membership and Larissa and Barb agreed to submit reports from the board. After Kori compiles the information in a Word Document, she will submit it to our Webmaster.

We discussed an alternative format for communication (the Blog) that was proposed previously by Michael Samson and Lauren Collins, it was the consensus of the board that the Blog idea does have some future potential but that we do not want to lose the newsletter and feel that they might be competing sources of information as opposed to having one place the members can be assured of getting all MichAll information and, some members have specifically asked for print material and others have no institutional support for blogs. As we do not want to discourage innovation we agreed to ask Michael Samson if he is interested in writing up a proposal for submission to the membership regarding their interest in a Blog as an alternative or new source of information.

Larissa informed us that she has had several requests from a member to be added to the ListServ and that she believes that Michael Samson still has the password and log in for updating the ListServ membership. We decided to ask Michael about his interest in maintaining the ListServ and for a copy of the log in and password so that the institution of MichALL does not lose that type of information when someone leaves the board. We also need to know how the list is maintained - i.e., does Michael have to enter every member's new email address or does each member have to go to the listserv and update their own information, including being removed from the list?

We discussed the Table that MichALL will have at the AALL annual meeting and Anne agreed to look for the emails of the 4 board members who agreed to serve at the table and to see what times we have covered and report back this week. Larissa agreed to make one more plea to the general membership for an hour of their time at the table. We also discussed what would be on the table and since we only have a sign, some membership forms from Barb, and Lauren's brochure, we think it would be a good idea to have a gift container full of Michigan goodies that we will take people's business cards for entries and then give away the full container as a prize. We discussed the board members each shopping for one item to be placed in the container as follows: Kori agreed to furnish a picture book, Larissa will provide a bowl for the business cards and a box of dried cherries, Barb will provide something from Marshall Fields, Helen will investigate whether Starbucks still offers a Michigan Bear, and Anne will provide something sports related. Lauren might provide the container to hold all the other goodies. Lauren later offered to provide some Michigan related goodies. We will all carry our own items to the conference breakfast on Sunday since the exhibit hall opens right after that. (Anne will check on the timing of that)

Other items that were briefly discussed were: June would like to propose a grant to AALL to enable us to hold a meeting that would focus on a partnership with medical librarians. We agreed to allow her to proceed on finding out more about the grant process and she will submit a report to Larissa and Lauren asap. Lauren already has an idea for the spring conference since she is the VP but is also willing to work with June on her idea in order to have a 2nd mini conference if she is awarded the grant. We also discussed the popularity of the social dinner event and decided that we should have one this year probably on a Wednesday in October. Helen has agreed to investigate a restaurant in Milford as well as seeing if there are appropriate places in Brighton or Howell.

The next Board meeting will be scheduled for the 2nd week in August.

Anne Cottongim
MichALL Secretary

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