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 AALL Annual Meeting

Minutes - June 27, 2008


Janet Ann Hedin, Aletha Honsowitz, Elise Keller, Helen Levenson and June VanWingen met via conference call.
Excused absence: Ann Cottongim and Clare Membiela

Aletha Honsowitz opened the meeting at 10:25 a.m.

PRESIDENT'S REPORT - No report from Aletha.

SECRETARY'S REPORT - No report from Janet Ann Hedin.


Ann Cottongim sent out copies of the Treasurer's Report by e-mail. MichALL's current balance is $7,626.73. Expenditures were paid out for the Spring Meeting and for dues statements in the amount of $2,023.10. Deposits and receipts from the Spring Meeting registrations and 2008-2009 dues totaled $865.00.


AALL Continuing Education Grant: Aletha asked if the chapter would be interested in trying to apply for a grant for our educational programming. Not much was known about this grant program. Aletha will look more into it at the leadership training program at AALL and Janet will also look to see what she can find on it.

Recruiting New Librarians: Aletha asked us to brainstorm about ways we can recruit library law students to join our ranks. Recruitment was brought up at the Spring meeting and we asked if anyone had any ideas to let us know. So far we have not heard from anyone. Ideas that sprang up from this session: attend college job fairs; offer to speak to classes; newsletter articles, and brochures sent to schools. Aletha asked us to keep thinking about it and we would come back to it in the fall.

Discarded Books: It was suggested that if anyone needed certain books or wanted to get rid of some books, the best thing for them to do would be to post it to the listserv.

MichALL Old Documents: Aletha has some boxes of old MichALL documents. These documents need to be reviewed and determined what needs to be kept for our archives. Janet will go through the documents. If she can get them during the summer, Aletha will bring them to her at the Fall dinner.

MichALL Table at AALL: Janet needs some help manning the table at AALL during the three prime no-conflict times which are Sunday from 9:00-10:00; Monday, July 14 from 1:15 p.m.-2:15 p.m.; and Tuesday, July 15 1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Members from the Board that are going will check to see when they might be free and it was also suggested that Janet post it to the listserv.

MichALL Newsletter: Janet is planning on a fall newsletter hoping to use information from the Spring meeting, AALL conference, and have information for the Fall dinner. She also has a possible candidate, Mark Benedict, who also works at U of M. to take over from Steve at the same amount of money. The board agreed to let Janet continue to follow up with Mark to see if he will come on board.

Letter from Senator Levin: June reported that she received a reply from Senator Levin's office in response to our letter asking him to cosign the "Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007". June will send a copy of the letter to Janet so it can be placed in the newsletter. It was also suggested that it actually could go right now on the website.


Creation of a New Committee: Aletha wanted to know if we should create a new committee to keep up with the Authen-tication project and be somewhat of a liaison to groups wanting to know more information about this topic. June agreed to take over as the Board representative on this committee and would see if people who were interested in the topic at the Spring meeting would volunteer to be on the committee too.

Committee Liaison Assignments:

Education Committee - Clare Membiela

Pro Bono Committee - Discussion was held to determine if this committee should continue. The board will think about it throughout the summer and discuss this again in the fall.

Membership Services - Ann Cottingim

Public Relations - Helen Levenson

Newsletter - Janet Ann Hedin

Webmaster - Steve Sullivant until a replacement can be found.

Fall Dinner: The fall dinner is usually held in Lansing as it is a midpoint in the state for everyone to get to. Last year it was held at Gilbert and Blakes and was received very well. The Board thought it would be nice, if possible, to go back there again. As Janet and Clare are in the Lansing area, they will work on trying to get a location.

Aletha concluded the meeting at 11:30 a.m. The next Board meeting will be a conference call sometime in August. Aletha will contact Board members to select a date.

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