MichAALL Business Meeting

Meeting Minutes   

Thomas M. Cooley Law School

June 16, 2010


Board members present at the Business meeting: Janet Ann Hedin, Mark Heinrich, Elise Keller, Fran Krempasky, Clare Membiela



The Board meeting was held as part of the MichAALL meeting held at Cooley Law School on June 16, 2010. The morning session consisted of a presentation by Ruth Dukelow, MCLS Assistant Director titled, “Top Ten License Provisions.”


1.  Approval of Board Minutes/Report of joint CALL/MichALL Meeting Update


Janet Ann Hedin gave a report from the May 2010 CALL meeting and MichALL Board meeting. Clare thanked Janet for her programming work at CALL and noted that AALL President Jim Duggan was in attendance and was given a tour of Wayne State University and U of D Mercy law schools. MichALL sponsored a program “Legal Research Fast & Free” at the CALL conference with Jane Edwards and Marlene Coir presenting. Also presenting programs at CALL were Clare Membiela and Eric Kennedy who presented a program titled “US Legal Research for Foreign Lawyers.” 


The MichALL Board approved a $50 subsidy to MichALL members attending the CALL meeting. Thirteen people requested this, totaling $700. Janet said she may ask the Board to increase the total to $1,000 to CALL since it was a joint conference. Janet also said that we may want to send a MichALL representative to CALL every year and MichALL members should be encouraged to attend this worthwhile meeting.


Janet also noted that we should include Canadian members on our list for the fall dinner and for our conferences.


2. MichALL Business Meeting at CALL


Clare Membiela said that at the CALL conference there were not enough members in attendance to have a quorum to vote in the new Board members. At the Business meeting members broke into small groups to discuss possible MichALL initiatives. Discussions were held on how to market MichALL to new members and encourage new membership and renewals. Clare also stated that Technical Services is underrepresented in MichALL, we need to look at all sides of librarianship to appeal to new members. Clare has notes from the Board meeting and will give them to Janet and Virginia Thomas, Vice President/President-elect of MichALL.

Clare also mentioned working on a partnership with Michigan Library Association.

3.  Treasurer’s Report


Anne Hudson was not able to attend the meeting but we did have a report from October 14, 2009 meeting when we had $7,817.52 in the bank account. We’ll need to take out CALL expenses. Also, Janet noted that $100 was donated to Marge C. Wilcox (former MichALL president) towards a memorial garden.


We will need to get an updated report from Anne.


4.      Committee Reports


  1. Membership Committee – Helen Levenson


Helen reported that the committee encourages members to sign up and serve on committees.  There are currently 55 MichALL members. The membership committee is looking at record keeping and the associated infrastructure.


The Membership Committee is currently looking at an automatic email renewal system and also updating the current membership list. Other ideas include looking at what is of interest to new members, and reaching out to students to become members, also including CALL members in our list emails.


  1. Public Relations Committee –  No report. June Van Wingen was at one time heading this Committee but she is not available for this meeting. The Board is looking for assistance with this Committee; any interested members should contact Clare or Janet.


  1. Nominations Committee –Mark Heinrich


Mark, Elise and Eric Kennedy comprised the Nominations Committee 2010/2011. They established a slate that had one nominee for each Board opening. 


  1. Pro Bono Committee – Marlene Coir  


Marlene said that she and Jane Edwards presented at an MLA annual conference in Lansing and also at the CALL/MichALL conference. The presentations focused on educating librarians about in-print and free (or almost free) online resources which would be useful for pro se litigants doing research in public libraries, as well as in law libraries which have open access to the public.  Kathleen Gamache and John Michaud worked on compiling information for a print and online pro se resource research guide which is posted on the MLA and CALL websites.

The Committee is also working toward looking at what information other states have available online, etc.


  1. Education Committee


Looking at CALL feedback and will report out at a later time.


  1. Scholarship Committee


RE: AALL scholarship application to cover AALL annual meeting registration.


Four applications were received for the scholarship. The Board reviewed each application looking at the criteria given. Two applicants tied in the end, one an applicant from Cooley, the other from MSU. Cooley and MSU affiliated Board members did not vote to break the tie. Brett Doman from MSU was voted as the scholarship recipient.


5.      Election Results


Thank you to Aletha Honsowitz, outgoing past-chair of MichALL. And other members leaving the Board, including Anne Hudson as Treasurer Elise Keller as Member-at-large.  The formal installation of officers took place at this meeting.

      MichALL welcomed:


            -Treasurer:  Kineret Gable (2010-12)

            -Member-at-large: Amy Ash (2010-12) 

            -Vice President/President-elect: Virginia Thomas


6.      Remarks from President Janet Ann Hedin


Janet, President (2010-2011), spoke about her vision for MichALL for the next year. She said that she would like to improve communication by including more teleconferences, web conferences, etc. Also, look at grants that MichALL could apply for. She’s also looking forward to working with the MichALL fall dinner event.


7.      Motion for life time membership


A motion was entered to bestow life-time membership to Joan Byerly. A vote was taken and the MichALL membership approved. Fran will send a letter out to Joan about this.


Respectfully submitted by:

Fran Krempasky

August 23, 2010, rev. August 31, 2010