MichALL Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes ††

March 9, 2012


Present: Amy Ash, Pat Bravender, Kineret Gable, Janet Ann Hedin, Mark Heinrich, Frances Krempasky, Yolanda Jones, Virginia Thomas


I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Virginia at 3:45 p.m. at Dickinson Wright, PLLC in Detroit. Amy Ash, Pat Bravender, and Fran Krempasky attended the meeting via telephone conference call. ††


II. Consideration and Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the January 27, 2012 meeting were approved. Fran will send the minutes to Jessica to post to the MichALL website.


III.Presidentís Report : Virginia Thomas

†††††††† A.†††† Tax-Exempt Status


Virginia reported that Kineret updated all figures needed for the Federal tax exempt status report. Virginia is waiting for the MichALL newsletter to be produced to send with it. Janet said the newsletter will be ready on Monday to send out via email. Virginia made a motion that we send out the tax exempt status update even if the newsletter isnít ready. The only thing still left to do is the State of Michigan tax exempt status forms, which Virginia and Kineret will work on. Virginia also thanked Amy for her review of the 1024 form, her comments were helpful.


†††††††††† B.†† February Election


††††††††††† ††††† Election results are in from the February 2012-2013 MichALL election:


††††††††††††††††††††††† - Vice President/President-Elect : Amy Ash, Thomas M. Cooley Law

†††††††††††††††††††††††††† School Library, Grand Rapids

- Treasurer: Pat Bravender, Grand Valley State University Steelcase †††
†††††††††††††† Library, Grand Rapids

††††††††††† - Member-at-Large: Michele LaLonde-Reaume, Ralph M. Freeman
†††††††††††††† Library for the US Courts, Detroit


††††††††††††††††† Virginia sent out an email to the MichALL listserv about election results.

†††††††††††††††††† Total votes were 37; half of the membership voted.


†††† ††††


C.Chair, AALL Council of Chapter Presidents Election


††† ††††††† ††††There are 4 candidates running for the AALL Council of Presidents. The

††††††††† ††††MichALL Board has one vote, due by March 16th. Since Virginia was one of

††††††††††††††† the candidates, she excused herself from voting and left the room while the

††††††††††††††† Board voted. The Board voted for Virginia Thomas. Yolanda will inform

†††††††††† ††† AALL of our vote.


IV.†† Vice Presidentís Report


†††††††† A.Annual Meeting Program


††† ††††††† ††Yolanda reported that the MichALL annual meeting program is similar to the

††††††††††††† format used last year. The agenda will start with the e-book program, followed

†††††††††††††† by the luncheon where there will be a leadership discussion. The discussion will

†††††††††††††† be about current trends and development in leadership and issues facing the

†††††††††††††† organization. We could also ask for membership input and read some of their

†††††††††††††† comments at the end of the discussion. It was suggested that we could also

†††††††††††††† ask the e-book speakers to sit at each table and lead a discussion on e-books.


††††††††††††† Susan Lewis will be the only AALL Executive Board member attending the

†††††††††††††† MichALL meeting. (We were told previously that AALL was going to send two

†††††††††††††† Executive Board members to our meeting).


†††††††††††††† Amy suggested that the Pro Bono Committee could give a 15 minute talk about

†††††††††††† ††what they've been doing. Linda Rexer from the Michigan State Bar Foundation,

†††††††††††††† who is Co-Chair of the Pro Bono Taskforce, could discuss their website and the

†††††††††††††† pilot project to educate librarians about it.


†††††††††††††† Yolanda sent out a draft flyer of the MichALL Annual meeting to the Board

†††††††††††††† and will be sending to the listserv soon. The RSVP date was changed to the end

††††††† ††††††of April. Also, it will be noted that we cannot take money on site because of

†††††††††††††† Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum rules. We can ask people who need to pay

††††††††††††† on-site to send a check.


†††††††††††††† Kineret will send Fran a list of attendees so that Fran can make name tags for

†††††††††††††† members attending the meeting.


††††††† B.Catering

††††††††††††† The Board discussed catering companies and options. Pat suggested a caterer in

††††††††††††† Grand Rapids that she has used in the past, Martha's Vineyard. Yolanda will

††††††††††††† call them and let the Board know what she finds out via email. The Board also

††††††††††††† suggested that we can give estimates of attendees for the caterers. If we need to

†††††††††† †††pay for additional attendees, then Kineret could write them a check off-site. ††††††††††††


V.Treasurerís Report


Pat and Kineret will meet to discuss the Treasurer's duties. Kineret has input data on

spreadsheets and has up-to-date records to give to Pat. The records are now in good†††

order. Kinert said that MichALL has a $5352.32 balance in the account.


VI. Secretaryís Report

††††† Fran will send the January 27th minutes to Jessica to post on the MichALL site. She

††††† also reported that all MichALL emeritus letters were mailed out. Janet and Virginia

††††† will meet to discuss how emeritus members are selected as Fran received a recent

††††† suggestion to add another emeritus member. No report from the Public Relations

††††† Committee.


VII.Past Presidentís Report


†††††† Janet reported that she is working on the MichALL receipt books. The MichALL

†††††† Newsletter is almost finished. Janet is working with Amy on the Bylaws Committee.

†††††† No report from the Grants & Scholarship Committee.


VIII. Members At Large : Amy Ash and Mark Heinrich


†††††† Amy reported on two Committees. The Pro Bono Committee is doing work for the

†††††† Solutions on Self-Help Task Force.

†††††† The Bylaws Committee met and had a productive meeting. Some of the items

†††††† they discussed may need Board decisions. For example, a question arose; is

†††††† MichALL a corporation or an association? Virginia said she will research what this

†††††† entails. Amy will submit bylaw changes to the Board for the April Board meeting.


†††††† According to our bylaws, if we want the membership to vote on any changes to the

†††††† bylaws at the May meeting, we'd have to discuss them soon. The bylaws state that†††

†††††† the Board reviews the changes before they are given to the membership; and

†††††† then the membership is to receive the changes at least 20 days before voting on them.

†††††† Amy suggested that we adopt AALL's amendment process which requires a simple

†††††† majority vote and we wouldn't have to submit changes to the membership so early.

††††† Janet said that we might submit the bylaws for review at the fall dinner and then we

†††††† could have the membership vote on them online. Virginia suggested that we submit

†††††† our bylaw changes to the AALL Bylaws Committee for review before we vote on

†††††† them.


†††††† Amy said that the MichALL website uses the term "constitution" for bylaws and we

†††††† should change that. Also, AALL uses "chapters" instead of the term "association"

†††††† which MichALL uses. Virginia said that we could use the AALL Model Guidelines

†††††† to propose our revisions and also have our parent organization review them. Then we

†††††† could determine what the next steps should be in the process. If we could have the

†††††† bylaw changes ready by the April Board meeting then the Board could review them.


†††††† Mark had no report.


IX.Old Business

††††††† None.


X.New Business


††††† Pat will fax the catering menu to Yolanda.


XI. Next Meeting Date


†††††† Next meeting: April 13th at 3:30; Meeting was adjourned at 4:52 p.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by: Fran Krempasky

April 2, 2012†††