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 AALL Annual Meeting
Date:         Mon, 6 Apr 1998 14:27:05 -0400
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From:         "Jennifer K. Lund" <jlund@DYKEMA.COM>
Subject:      3/5/98 Meeting Minutes
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MichALL Board Meeting Minutes 3/5/98

Meeting held at Cooley in Lansing. Jan Bissett, Kathleen Gamache, Shannon Mitchell, Jennifer Lund, Kathy Vance, Marla Major, and Sharon Bradley in attendance.

1. Call to order/old business Minutes of last meeting were approved. **Midwest Regional Conference - Programs are still being decided and coordinators request that MichALL organize two programs. Discussion followed on various programming options -- Kathy Vance, Marla Major, Sharon Bradley, Kathleen Gamache, and Jennifer Lund are to follow-up on various ideas. The conference will be held at the Milwaukee Hilton. It will begin at noon on Thursday, 10/8/98 and conclude at noon on Saturday, 10/10

2. Committee Reports

**Treasurer's Report - Current balance of $9064.84. Kathleen sent out one last letter to unpaid members, with response due by 3/30/98. We have 17 new members. **Nominations - Kathy Vance is working on this with Mark Heinrich and Marla Major **Education - Shannon talked with our speaker, Pat Wagner, who requested a room the night before the conference. This was approved. The registration packet is almost ready and will be mailed next week. Kathleen will provide the mailing labels. There will be an Italian buffet and a continental breakfast. Lexis and Westlaw will each donate about $500. Registration will be 8:45 - 9:30 with sessions from 9:30 - 11:30 and 1-3. Discussion will follow from 3 - 3:30. **Scholarships - We will combine $395 from AALL for annual registration with $500 from Mich/ALL to provide a combined grant of $895 for a Mich/ALL member to go to AALL this year. Applications for the grant will be mailed out with the MichALL annual meeting packet and will be due by 4/6/98. Grant will be decided by the Nominations Committee.

3. New Business

**WSU and DCL have volunteered to host the AALL videoconference on 4/16/98. Jan Bissett will make sure it is posted to the MichALL listserv, and the individual sites will promote it. It will also be added to the MichALL annual meeting registration packet. **AALL has requested nominations for the 1999 board. They are due 3/13/98. **Position Descriptions - We will look over everyone's position descriptions and pass on comments. We still need descriptions from Shannon Mitchell(VP/President Elect), Sharon Bradley(Newsletter), Michelle Howard (Placement), Kathy Vance (Past President and Nominating Committee) and Loretta Vitek (Membership). We will use Jan Bissett's format and submit/resubmit to Jan. **Calendar - Jennifer will put all of the calendars together and send to Jan for review. **Kathy Vance informed us that the State Bar may be looking at putting together a directory of libraries with legal collections.

Next meeting will be April 8th at 10 a.m. via conference call.

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