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 AALL Annual Meeting
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 08:20:52 -0400 
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Subject: Board Meeting Minutes, 3/18/99 
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Meeting held via conference call. Joan Hollier, Kathleen Gamache, Shannon Mitchell, Jennifer Lund, Marla Major, Bridget Faricy and Jan Bissett attended.

1. Minutes - Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 2. Treasurer*s Report - The treasurer*s report was e-mailed by Michele Pfaff Howard. The association has $8506.73. Activities since our last report include a $10.07 account service charge and one check to Sharon Bradley for $32.00 to cover newsletter stamps.

3. Old Business -

Education Committee - The AALL satellite video conference (April 15, 1999) will be on *Customer Service*. MichALL will not be sponsoring a site for this videoconference. The MichALL/ORALL annual breakfast at AALL will be priced at $15 for early registrants. MichALL will be picking up the difference between the $15 and the actual cost.

The May 14 MichALL spring meeting at Laurel Manor has been scheduled with speakers from 8:30 -12 and 2-4:15 with breaks and lunch. Heather Simmons will be speaking during the lunch.

Nominations - Jan Bissett has discussed nominations with Joan Byerly, Duane Strojny, and Eric Kennedy.

Newsletter - Jennifer Lund will fax newsletter schedule to Bridget Faricy.

Website Development - Michael Sansom has left Wayne State. The board looked over a proposed website policy which will be presented to the membership in the newsletter and discussed at the spring meeting.

4. New Business Questionnaire - Marla Major will work on a survey to send to the membership with the ballots. The purpose of this survey is to find out how the membership can best benefit from membership in MichALL. What kinds of services/activities can MichALL provide its members that would be most beneficial? Membership Directory - The board discussed consolidating the various membership information into an Access database to be used for the newsletter, membership directory, and membership renewals. Jennifer Lund will conduct some further investigations.

Board Meeting Schedule - The next board meeting will be at 2 p.m. on April 6, 1999 via phone conference.

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