MichAALL Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes   

November 18, 2011  


Present: Amy Ash, Kineret Gable, Janet Ann Hedin, Mark Heinrich, Frances Krempasky, Yolanda Jones, Virginia Thomas 


I.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Virginia at 3:39 p.m. at Dickinson Wright, PLLC in Detroit. Amy Ash and Fran Krempasky attended the meeting via telephone conference call.    


II. Consideration and Approval of August 17, 2011 Minutes

The revised minutes from August 17, 2011 meeting were approved. The September 23, 2011 minutes were also approved. Fran will send the minutes to Jessica to post to the MichALL website.


(Janet noted that in the September minutes it stated that she had ordered the letterhead/receipt books but that has been delayed due to increased costs of printing multi-colors).


III.  President’s Report : Virginia Thomas 

         A.     Tax-Exempt Status


Virginia stated that MichALL is still not tax exempt. Virginia provided the Board with Tax forms 1024, “Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(a)” and Form 8718 “User Fee for Exempt Organization Determination Letter Request.”  Virginia explained that she filled in as much input as she could on the 1024 form, Kineret has financial information that she will need to include. There was a discussion about how much Board input was needed on updating the documents. The Board decided that Virginia and Kineret would work on the forms and notify the Board when completed. Amy will look over the documents as well since she has some tax expertise. When retrospective tax exempt status is reinstated, Virginia will let the Board and members know. They will get this in after Thanksgiving. If for some reason, our request is rejected, then we will pursue other legal advice.



           B.   MichALL Committee Appointments


Virginia discussed the results of the proposed MichALL Committee appointments for 2011-12. There was good news to report as many of the proposed Committee chairs and members agreed to serve on MichALL Committees. Virginia will work on getting final confirmation of Committee Chairs and members after Thanksgiving. She will then send the Committee list to Jessica be placed on the website.


C.   Update on MichALL Committee Appointments


       -Authentication Committee—still looking for a chair

-Bylaws will be chaired by Amy Ash

-Education will be chaired by Yolanda Jones, Beth Foster added to Committee

-Grants/Scholarships will be chaired by Korinna Kasara

-Membership Services will be chaired by Helen Levenson, Barbara Thompson 

  added to Committee

-Newsletter chaired by Janet Ann Hedin

-Nominations chaired by Jan Bissett, Kathleen Gamache may be added to


-Pro Bono chaired by Marlene Coir

-Public Relations chaired by Clare Membiela


The Board discussed asking the Committee Chairs to serve as Chairs next year so that there is continuity within the Committees. The Board liaisons for each Committee will report on the progress of each Committee.


           D.   Anonymous Voting: Update on Use of Survey Monkey for 2012 Election


                  The Wayne State University IT staff has a subscription to Survey Monkey.

                  Virginia is working with them to develop anonymous ballot voting for the

                  2012 election. Counting is available as well via Survey Monkey; Fran will

                  have to work with them on developing a method to count ballots.


IV.   Vice President’s Report


                  Yolanda reported that MichALL held a successful fall dinner meeting on

                  October 26th at Steve & Rocky’s in Novi. There were a total of 18 attendees    

                   plus the speaker.

                   The spring meeting will be held Friday, May 18, 2011 at the Gerald R. Ford

                   Museum in Grand Rapids. The Education Committee is selecting speakers
                   and working on the educational portion of the meeting. Yolanda will

                   also check to see what motels are available in the area for those members

                   who may want to stay overnight in Grand Rapids.


       Virginia will request that an AALL representative attend the MichALL spring
       meeting. The Board was hoping that the AALL Board member working on
       vendor liaison issues could speak, but it’s unclear if we can make 

                   requests for specific AALL Board members to attend our event.



                   The program that Yolanda sent to AALL programming was not accepted.

                   Janet said that we could sponsor it as our own AALL program, pay for it, and
                   in the process, gather attention for MichALL. Yolanda will check on the cost

                   and details of MichALL sponsoring the program.   


V.  Treasurer’s Report


Kineret sent the Board October and November Treasurer’s reports. Our current balance is $5,198.59. Kineret will resend the reports as the dates were not stated

at the top of each report.   


Kineret paid for chapter insurance for 70 members. She was able to get the deadline

postponed for insurance until after the fall meeting when we gain some new members. It was noted that as membership forms are received, they are emailed to

Barbara Thompson at Cooley Auburn Hills, who is collecting the forms for Helen Levenson. Janet also suggested that the names also be forwarded to her so she can

add members to the mailing list.


Mark requested that the membership forms be made more distinctive to show that the MichALL membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th. This would be especially helpful to implement in May when the new membership forms come out.


Kineret reported that the post office box for mail has proven to help her receive mail. She is now getting membership checks. The only issue is that the bank statements are still being sent to the Wayne State University address. Kineret and Virginia will work on getting this changed.


VI. Secretary’s Report

      No report.


VII.Past President’s Report


       Janet stated that she invites CALL members to MichALL events, including the fall

       and spring events. MichALL members can also go to CALL—which is in Toronto

       in May 2012.


       Virginia said that ORALL (Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries)

       representatives emailed her asking if MichALL wanted to be part of their annual

       meeting in October 2012 in Toledo. The Board decided to consider it. We could

       promote it as something for MichALL members to attend, or do programming for it,

       or consider a program with ORALL. MichALL might also do a webinar with

       Yolanda’s program, possibly by acquiring a grant. This would be a good opportunity

       for MichALL to work and network with other groups. Virginia will find out what

       ORALL’s theme is and let us know. We will discuss ideas at the next meeting.



VIII. Members At Large : Amy Ash and Mark Heinrich


       Amy reported that she was looking into Survey Monkey. We can get a free

       membership to it based on our total membership numbers. But since Wayne State IT

       is looking into this, she’ll wait for their results before pursuing further.


       Mark had no report.


IX.  Old Business

        None. However, it was noted that we might want to consider having a

        microphone for speakers at our events.  


X.  New Business


            -Elections -- to be reported on at next meeting
















Next meeting: January 2012 (Virginia will email possible dates).



Meeting was adjourned at 4:38 p.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by:

Fran Krempasky

November 28, 2011