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 AALL Annual Meeting

Michigan Association of Law Libraries Board Meeting

Held October 11, 2000 at 2:00 p.m. Cooley Law School Library, Lansing, Michigan.  In attendance were Joan Byerly, Eric Kennedy, Duane Strojny, Kathleen Gamache, and Michele Howard (via speakerphone).  Also in attendance were Jenny Upham (Membership) and Ardena Walsh (Pro Bono).  Absent were Mary Karpinski and Rita Marsala

1.      Minutes

The minutes of the August meeting were discussed and in the process of being compiled.  The meeting was attended by members of the .

2.      Treasurer's Report.

Michelle gave the treasurer's report.  As of October 11, 2000, MichALL has $8,943.31 in the bank.  There are currently 69 paid members, with 4 of them being new this year.

3.    Old Business

      A.      Newsletter

Andrea Muto, Lexis-Nexis, has agreed to be our newsletter editor.  There is a newsletter going out this week that is being compiled by Duane.  Barbara Taylor at Plunkett and Sharon Bradley at Cooley had different types of software to forward to Andrea to help her with the newsletter.  Michael Samson will work with Mary Lou Calvin concerning formatting the newsletter for format and placing past issues on the Web.  The Board decided that there should still be four issues per year, but only two would need to be hard copies with other issues appearing in Web format only.

      B.      Web Site.

The Board previewed a draft of the site.  We will try to encourage listserv subscription via a link on the site.  There is a skeleton setup ready with more information being added in the near future.  The password for the membership directory is "directory".  The database will contain only work information to avoid home addresses (some members have mailings go to their home address).  The wording and enforcement of a privacy policy is up to the Board to decide, and limited access to membership information is comparable to what is available through DALNET and other sites.  We will also include an application for membership, brief Michigan legal research, and listserv instructions on our site with everything being posted in the next two weeks.  Jenny asked for contact to committee chairs to be not links.  Also, other things to add include background information on MichALL, a link to AALL events, and phone numbers to relevant offices.


      C.      Education Committee

Mary Karpinski was not present, but reports progress was being made for the 2001 annual meeting.  At this time it most probably would be in Lansing.

      D.      Bylaws

Kathleen sent out an e-mail to all past MichALL presidents still in the state.  There was already one meeting of the group and a second one set up for October 18, 2000.

      E.      Where we are . . .

Joan passed out 1999 survey results.  Among items surveyed for importance were the membership directory and education programs with the annual meeting and networking rounding out the top group.  She reminded that we should be focused in trying to meet the needs of our members.

1.    New Business

A.      November Dinner

The dinner will be held on November 9, 2000 at Weber's Inn at 6:30 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Our speaker will be someone from the new Ave Maria College of Law

B.    AALL Information

There will be a TELE-conference in UTICA on December 13th.  The cost will be $350 for each of the first three sites.  The different sites that we could consider to host the event are Wayne State in Detroit, someplace in Grand Rapids, and either MSU-DCL, Lansing Community College, or the Library of Michigan in Lansing.  We should also contact SLA and ASIS of Michigan about their plans to sponsor sites.

Kathleen has agreed to co-ordinate and work with ORALL about the MichALL/ORALL event at AALL.  It is MichALL's year to set things up.

C.      Membership

Jenny will contact Library student members and library schools to inform them about our plan to waive dues.  The board is in favor for 2000-2001 and looking at the effect any loss of revenue would have.  We also should look to more law firms and librarians employed by prisons for additional members.  The new student category would allow for eligible students to be  members for two years without any dues.  Some members might be opposed to allowing student members voting rights, but the Board wants to encourage participation and this might be one of the best ways to do it.

D.    Pro Bono

Joan will forward membership list to Ardena so she can find volunteers.  Ardena will also work with the State Bar Pro Bono group.

Adjourned 3:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Duane Strojny, Secretary. 

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