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 AALL Annual Meeting

25 October 2001
MSU Kellogg Center

Present: Mary Karpinski, Joan Byerly, Duane Strojny, Hildur Hanna, Rita Marsala, and guest Anne C. Matthewman, AALL treasurer

 Absent: Michele Howard, Michael Samson.

 I.  Minutes from the last meeting were not available.

 II.  Treasury Report was not available.

 III.  Education Committee

Duane is serving as a pro‑tem chair of this committee and has scouted location.  He recommends ‑ initially ‑ Kellogg.  The next task is to assemble a committee.  Lana (from Grand Rapids) may be a volunteer, per Mary.  General discussion about recruiting members from Ave Maria.

 IV.  Website

Report not available.  General discussion as to how there were more subscribe on the MichAll Listserv than were paid members of MichAll.  Ninety percent of our paid members have email addresses.

V.  Old Business.

1.  Annual meeting articles were sent out and may appear in the next issue of Spectrum.  We included a picture, and the editors indicated "pictures are good."

2.  Committee Assignments: we do not have a chair for the Publicity/Marketing committee.  Michael may have students.  Joan is willing to work with someone.  She recommends we recruit MLS students.  Mary wants to share with GODORT.  Joan is willing to work on a marketing piece ‑ brochure ‑ for Library science students.

3.  UCITA Conference Payment: Has the invoice been paid?  Duane has a query out to Michele.  Joan does not remember it on the treasurers report.

VI. New Business.

1.  Newsletter to be discussed more fully at a later date.  Andrea as agreed to do this but has changed jobs.  Mary is concerned we may need a newsletter editor and there was a general discussion about how to handle the next issue.  Mary indicated she would act as interim and produce one in late November.

VII.  Announcements

1.  2002 ‑ Packets went out.  Mary received email from Nancy Clark at ORALL.  (We don't have to plan the lunch this year.  It is ORAll's turn)

2.  Chapter Insurance.  The deadline for liability insurance is November 11th.  Mary is trying to get it paid.  The policy is $1.40 per member.

 VII.  Next Meeting Date

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