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 AALL Annual Meeting

Minutes - October 17, 2007


June VanWingen, Aletha Honsowitz, Barbara Bonge, Jane Edwards, Helen Levenson, Kori Kasara and Larissa Sullivant met at Gilbert & Blake's restaurant in Okemos, Michigan at 5:00 pm.


June distributed MichALL Constitution so that executive board members could review the section on lifetime members.


Jane Edwards is going on maternity leave starting in January and decided to resign her position from the executive board. Jane suggested Janet Hedin as a replacement. June will ask Janet if she's interested.

Larissa mentioned that Steve Sullivant will have no formal connection to the board once she retires in the spring. Group agreed to invite Steve to executive board meetings.


MichALL's current balance is approximately $8,121.75 (depending on exact dinner expense). We discussed the possibility of raising dues but agreed not to since our current cash balance is more than $8,000 and the fact that we've been able to maintain a healthy cash balance for several years. MichALL has 84 members.


June brought copies of the MichALL Constitution for everyone.

MichALL Newsletter: We discussed a replacement for Kori, who is stepping down from her position as newsletter editor. Janet Hedin has volunteered to take her place. Group decided to install Janet Hedin as new newsletter editor along with 2 assistants, Veronica Foster and Clare Nathan. Kori suggested that we set specific dates for the newsletters, such as 2 per year one before the fall meeting and one before the spring meeting. Everyone remarked on the excellent job Kori had done as editor, and thanked her for her service.

Continuing Education Grants: We discussed AALL's promotion of continuing education grants, but we decided to discuss this in more detail at a later meeting.

Recruiting New Law Librarians: This is another AALL initiative to attract people to the field of librarianship. Kori suggested that we assign this to a committee, and Aletha suggested that the PR committee might be best suited to work on this. June mentioned that she'd talk to Clare Nathan about helping. Jane suggested coordinating with law school career services departments.

AALL Authentication Program: June discussed the authentication report and the importance of official and authenticated government documents.

Discarded Books: We discussed the possibility of digitizing books being discarded by various libraries and June said that she'd contact the state librarian about the possibility of digitizing books that are being discarded.

Lifetime Membership for Jerry Dupont: Aletha moved to admit Jerry Dupont as a lifetime member. Helen seconded the nomination and group agreed.


Spring Meeting: We discussed dates for spring meeting and agreed that best time would be the end of April. Location will be Thomas M. Cooley Law School Grand Rapids branch. One suggested theme for the meeting is the AALL authentication report and its implications. Someone also suggested contacting the education committee to see if they have any ideas. Cornell Winston has offered to come to the meeting as an AALL representative. AALL will cover Cornell's airfare and hotel.

Other New Business: Aletha mentioned that some old MichALL documents were found at Cooley Law School and she asked if anyone would want to review them for archival purposes. Jane suggested Janet Hedin as a possibility, since she may be taking over as secretary and she also has some experience with archival material.

Pat Parker is very ill and has entered hospice, we agreed to send flowers to Pat's home.

Next Meeting: Our next board meeting will be held on January 18, 2008 via conference call at 10 am.

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