MichALL Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes   

October 22, 2010


Present: Amy Ash, Kineret Gable (late), Janet Ann Hedin, Fran Krempasky, Mark Heinrich, Virginia Thomas


Absent: Clare Membiela


I.    The meeting was called to order at 11:00 via telephone conference call.  


II.   Attendance was taken.


III.  The minutes from the August 31, 2010 meeting were approved with one revision.  Fran will send out revised minutes and ask Jessica to post them to the MichALL website.


IV.   Report from President--Janet Ann Hedin

A.     Membership/Renewals

Janet reported that she is updating the membership list. Seventy-nine

people have renewed and we may get more renewals at the fall dinner.

For the AALL insurance count, we will report 79 members. Kineret will

confirm this number once she received all the membership checks. Janet noted that we have more renewals from University of Detroit than usual probably because they joined to attend the joint MichALL/CALL conference.  


                   Janet will send out another membership/fall dinner invitation to the

                   listserv and MichALL mailing list.


B.  Letterhead/Receipt Book


Janet is looking into having a receipt book printed for MichALL. She will get back to the Board with more information.


V.   Vice-President’s Report—Virginia Thomas


            A.  Fall Dinner


                  Regarding the fall MichALL dinner, Virginia, who is coordinating the

                  event planning, said that we’re all set with Hershey’s in East Lansing.

                  She spoke with Scott Hershey who said that they will give us a private

      dining room, hors d'oeuvres, and a cash bar. Jane Edwards from MSU

      will be our speaker, and she will speak on the National Inventory of Legal

                  Materials.  Nine members have RSVP’d for the fall dinner.


           B.  Spring Education Meeting


                 Virginia is planning the Spring Education meeting. Coco Siewert will

                 give the major presentation. Virginia is working with Duane Strojny at

                 Cooley Law School about holding the event at Cooley’s Ann Arbor

                 campus. The Board discussed possible dates and determined that April     

                 15th,  May 6th, and May 20th were the best options.



VI.  Treasurer’s Report—Kineret  Gable


        (Aside: Congratulations to Kineret for being named Director of the Library at



         No official report.


         The bank account at Comerica Bank has been changed to add Janet and

         Kineret’s names to the account. The mailing address was also changed. 


         The checks for membership were deposited. AALL insurance check sent based

         on 79 members. A check was written to reimburse Virginia Thomas/Wayne
         State University for AALL chapter training.


         Treasure’s report will be sent out for Board review.


VII.   Secretary’s Report—Fran Krempasky


          Fran is working on lifetime membership letters and will send to Janet for



VIII.  Past President’s Report—Clare Membiela


           No report, Clare not present at meeting.


IX.     Members at Large—Amy Ash and Mark Heinrich


           No report.







X.      Old Business


            A. Notes—MichALL meeting at CALL


                 Janet will ask Clare to send notes from CALL. Janet said she will send

                 The MichALL chapter report to AALL.


XI.     New Business


            A. MichALL Bylaws


                 Janet handed out copies of the “MichALL Constitution.” Janet would

                 like to go over the constitution to see if any updates/changes are needed.

                 Amy Ash volunteered to chair a committee for this task. Janet will send

                 Amy the membership names so Amy can solicit other volunteers.


                 Janet stated that if changes are made to the constitution, they need to

                 be brought up at our spring MichALL meeting, and given to the

                 membership 30 days in advance.  Virginia will send suggestions to Amy;

                 and we will let people know about this committee at the fall dinner



                 Janet also noted that we would need to forward any changes in the

                 MichALL Constitution to AALL so they could approve the changes.

                 Virginia has some information about bylaws from her AALL Chapter

                 training and she will send that to Janet.


XII.    Other


            Kineret and Janet will be attending free ALL Treasurer’s training via a



XIII.   Next Meeting date: To be determined.










Respectfully submitted by:

Fran Krempasky

November 30, 2010